Chanakya Quotes


Your feelings are your god. Chanakya

No one should ever be disrespected. Chanakya

He who has wealth has friends. Chanakya

A thing may be dreaded as long as it has not overtaken you. Chanakya

A friend, even if he be the enemy's son , should be protected. Chanakya

An enemy should be struck at his weak point. Chanakya

One's weakness should not ever be revealed. Chanakya

Enemies strike at weak points. Chanakya

Even a captured enemy is not to be trusted. Chanakya

The disgrace of one's people brings sorrow to the Nobel minded. Chanakya

Defect in one's limb ruins a man. Chanakya

Good behavior wins even an enemy. Chanakya

The low minded are fond of deception the nature of low-minded people never changes. Chanakya

They (low-minded) ones should never be trusted. Chanakya

The forest fire burns even tree like sandalwood. Chanakya

Fire, even if put on head, burns only. Chanakya

One who is to be pardoned should not be harassed. Chanakya

Considersing the forebearance of a person, Do not harass him. Chanakya

Love is indicated by deeds (and not by words) Chanakya

Knower of the means makes impossible tasks also possible. Chanakya



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