Challenge Accepted


I think it's a very important function of art to challenge accepted reality, especially when that reality is created by powerful interest groups. Salman Rushdie

By translating their inner turmoil or understanding into art, artists challenge the accepted notions of reality and create new ones. Wes Nisker

In my humble opinion, those who come to engage in debates of consequence, and who challenge accepted wisdom, should expect to be treated badly. Nonetheless, they must stand undaunted. That is required. And that should be expected. For it is bravery that is required to secure freedom. Clarence Thomas

Because the soul has such deep roots in personal and social life and its values run so contrary to modern concerns, caring for the soul may well turn out to be a radical act, a challenge to accepted norms. Thomas More

When hired three years ago, I willingly accepted the challenge of leading the Bulls back to the type of team this city richly deserves. I'm proud of the fact that each year the team has taken another step toward an NBA championship, and played with intense pride and determination. Doug Collins

The biggest challenge for cyborgs is to be socially accepted. Society needs to accept that there are people who wish to use technology as part of the body. Neil Harbisson

The beliefs which we have most warrant for have no safeguard to rest on but a standing invitation to the whole world to prove them unfounded. If the challenge is not accepted, or is accepted and the attempt fails, we are far enough from certainty still; but we have done the best that the existing state of human reason admits of; we have neglected nothing that could give the truth a chance of reaching us. John Stuart Mill

Personality must be accepted for what it is. You mustn't mind that a poet is a drunk, rather that drunks are not always poets. Oscar Wilde

Only when women rebel against patriarchal standards does female muscle become more accepted. Gloria Steinem

Once you've accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you. George R R Martin

Could it be that simple? Tell one story to one generation and repeat it until it was accepted as fact? Kiera Cass

I would hate for climate change to be accepted simply because everyone was dying. Chuck Klosterman

Bryant Gumbel's ego has applied for statehood. And if it's accepted, it will be the fifth-largest. Willard Scott

That henceforth the absurd game of chemical noughts and crosses be tabu within the Society's precincts and that, following the practice of the Press in ending a correspondence, it be an instruction to the officers to give notice "That no further contributions to the mysteries of Polarity will be received, considered or printed by the Society." His challenge was not accepted. Henry Edward Armstrong

My single greatest challenge is to remain centered and loving in an overwhelmingly nonvegan world. In today's world, cruelty and exploitation of other beings - human and non-human alike - are accepted, practiced, and profited from by most every institution of society - from commerce and science to education and entertainment. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Homo sapiens are either unaware of the cruelty or accept it as unavoidable and even normal. Michael Klaper

I think I got into acting because I kind of had not much else to do! I guess I was kind of looking for something challenging. I heard about the London Theater scene and it was very different from the upbringing that I had and it felt like a challenge. And the whole sort of London Theater schools, I was told that 6,000 apply and there are like 30 accepted to each one. I was like, "Yeah. Let's see if we can do that!" Jeremy Irvine

Jamie : "I didn't want anybody to be weird around me.". Landon : "Including me?". Jamie : "Especially you! You know, I was getting along with everything fine. I accepted it, and then you happened!". Nicholas Sparks

Lying has become so much the accepted norm that people lie even when it would be simpler to tell the truth. Bell Hooks

Everybody had to be thoroughly understood before being accepted. Joseph Conrad

The point of creativity is to express and challenge yourself, to make meaning, to embrace your life. Peggy Orenstein



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