Celebrate Quotation


Avoid overuse of 'quotation "marks."' William Safire

I like to do films that celebrate life. Louis Schwartzberg

Let us now celebrate the literary allusion. Sherman Alexie

Own who you are and celebrate it. RuPaul

Until further notice, celebrate everything. David Wolfe

Don't analyze, celebrate it. Rajneesh

celebrate while you can Joyce Carol Oates

Celebrate for a nanosecond. Michael Dell

I celebrate masculinity when I'm onstage. Bryan Callen

We're quietly aching for something to celebrate Mark Nepo

Find the good and celebrate it. Betty Shabazz

You should always celebrate your successes because someone else will celebrate your failures. Neil Tennant

In America, we celebrate success. We don't apologize for success. Mitt Romney

Throw your hands up in the air and celebrate life. Steven Tyler

We do not celebrate the death of our enemies. Yitzhak Rabin

Learning to celebrate success is a key component of learning how to win in the market. Douglas Conant

Mom always tells me to celebrate everyone's uniqueness. I like the way that sounds. Hilary Duff

Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility. Anne Hathaway

We're Americans. We celebrate success. We just don't want the game to be rigged. Elizabeth Warren

We're all here at the same time and we should celebrate that. George Weinberg



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