Careless Person Quotes


A person who is careless about money is careless about everything, and untrustworthy in everything. Dinah Maria Murlock Craik

We go lightheartedly on our way, never thinking that by a careless word or two we may have altered the whole course of human lives, for some person will take our advice and use it. Laura Ingalls Wilder

I used to be a reasonably careless and adventurous person before I had children; now I am morbidly obsessed by seat-belts and constantly afraid that low-flying aircraft will drop on my children's school. Margaret Drabble

That which is nearest is least observed. The Atman is the nearest of the near, therefore the careless and the unsteady mind gets no clue to it. But the person who is alert, calm, self-restrained, and discriminating ignores the external world and, diving more and more into the inner world, realizes the glory of the Atman and becomes great. Swami Vivekananda

She [Hillary Clinton] was extremely careless with handling national security information.If she were just an ordinary person, she would be denied a top security clearance because she has proved in her past acts that she is extremely careless in handling national security information. Rudy Giuliani

It's a pity I am so impatient and careless, as any ordinary person could learn all the techniques of photography in a week. It is the democratic art, i.e. technical skill is practically eliminated - the more foolproof cameras become with focusing and exposure gadgets the better - and artistic quality depends only on choice of subject. W H Auden

The more careless, the more modish. Jonathan Swift

No, my dear, I'm not in love with you, no more than you are with me, and if I were, you would be the last person I'd ever tell. God help the man who ever really loves you. You'd break his heart, my darling, cruel, destructive little cat who is so careless and confident she doesn't even trouble to sheathe her claws. Margaret Mitchell

Many a man has risen to eminence under the powerful reaction of his mind in fierce counter-agency to the scorn of the unworthy, daily evoked by his personal defects, who with a handsome person would have sunk into the luxury of a careless life under the tranquillizing smiles of continual admiration. Thomas De Quincey

That's what careless words do. They make people love you a little less. Arundhati Roy

A romantic, I think, picks the rose and is careless with the thorn. Gene Tierney

Keen at the start, but careless at the end. Tacitus

Mnemosyne, one must admit, has shown herself to be a very careless girl. Vladimir Nabokov

Only the careless leave a possibility unattended due to assumptions. Laurie R King

Careless talk costs lives. Elizabeth Wein

Zealous in the commencement, careless in the end. Tacitus

Dear God, teach me to be careless. Hanif Kureishi

Trust is a careless pursuit. Lauren Kate

People get careless when they're feeling safe. Sue Grafton

Careless shepherd make excellent dinner for wolf. Earl Derr Biggers



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