Capitalistic china Quotes


I always love China, especially the old China. Manolo Blahnik

The key issue is the shift of the centre of gravity from the West to the East, the rise of China and India. Klaus Schwab

The trouble with government regulation of the market is that it prohibits capitalistic acts between consenting adults. Robert Nozick

Beneath the surface of civilian interests and capitalistic enterprise smoldered embers of the world's war spirit - humanity's traditional flare now to be enflamed by new instruments for fighting... Mary Ritter Beard

Reputation is like fine china: Once broken it's very hard to repair. Abraham Lincoln

I'd have all the cars made in the Carolinas, and I'd ban the ones made in China. Hank Williams, Jr.

Love is durable. It's like Teflon. ...Trust is like fine china. Secrets destroy trust. Iyanla Vanzant

I am China, pronounced as Chee-na. And I think it's time the world lets older women age gracefully. China Machado

More understand China, then more people will have interest in China and more people will come to China to visit us because I am a tourist ambassador. Jackie Chan

In the space of a decade, China and India have emerged as dramatic, dynamic competitors. Peter Mandelson

I'm not as bearish as many others about China. Why? Because China must grow. So I am far more optimistic about China. Joe Hockey

No company fails in communist China, because they're all partly owned by the government. Jim Bunning

European investment in Texas alone exceeds all U.S. investment in China and Japan put together. John Bruton

We also know that China and India, as their economies ramp up, are using more and more energy. Gale Norton

U.S. exports to China have more than quintupled since China entered the WTO and have grown more quickly than imports. In fact, China is America's fastest-growing export market. Henry Paulson

Ideas are not important in China - execution is Ma Huateng

Broken china lasts longer than unbroken. Jules Renard

An American diplomat is sometimes like a bull who carries his own china shop around with him. Winston Churchill

Think of RepRap as a China on your desktop. Chris DiBona

There was funky Chinamen from funky China town. Carl Douglas



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