Can You Sell Quotes


If you can sell green toothpaste in this country, you can sell opera. Sarah Caldwell

Everyone has something to sell. The greatest thing you can ever sell is an idea or talent. Ti

Don't tell me you can pitch...pitch. Don't tell me you can sell...sell. Joe Garagiola

How can you not sell the first three Bunnymen albums? It's like, how can you not sell the Mona Lisa, Van Gogh's Sunflowers, and The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch? Ian McCulloch

If you can sell that you're the King of Scotland, or Henry V on a tiny stage in a studio theater somewhere, then you can probably sell that you're a starship captain or a time traveler. David Tennant

You cannot sell a blemished apple in the supermarket, but you can sell a tasteless one provided it is shiny, smooth, even, uniform and bright. Elspeth Huxley

If you've ever had somebody try to sell you something - people who can sell, they really are not manipulating you. They are selling themselves. Matthew Weiner

They say writers sell everybody out. What can you do? You know only the people you know. Vivian Gornick

You need to change your mind from sell sell sell to help help help and if you can do that as a business you will win in social media Mark Schaefer

There's nothing that you can sell me that can make me happy. Jon Foreman

If you have a counterculture band, you put a name on it, you call them beatniks, and you can sell something - books or bebop. Or you label them as hippies and you can sell tie-dyed T-shirts. Jim Jarmusch

There's a kind of dream that movies sell to people: You can start as the lowliest person and rise to the top. 'Hit Me' doesn't sell this fantasy. Steven Shainberg

You have to tell a story before you can sell a story. Beth Comstock

You can always buy something in English, you can't always sell something in English. Rosabeth Moss Kanter

If I can sell tickets to my movies like Red Sonja or Last Action Hero, you know I can sell just about anything. Arnold Schwarzenegger

I'm in the worst place you can be. I sell magazines and not movie tickets. Ben Affleck

It's hard to sell records when you can get it for free everywhere. Jason Wade

How can you buy or sell the sky, the warmth of the land? Ted Perry

If power is for sale, sell your mother to buy it. You can always buy her back again. Proverbs

A sustaining innovation makes better products that you can sell for better profits to your best customers. Clayton Christensen



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