By Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Quotes


Our duty to the whole, including the unborn generations, bids us to restrain an unprincipled present-day minority from wasting the heritage of these unborn generations. The movement for the conservation of wildlife and the larger movement for the conservation of all our natural resources are essentially democratic in spirit, purpose, and method. Theodore Roosevelt

You cannot create prosperity by law. Sustained thrift, industry, application, intelligence, are the only things that ever do, or ever will, create prosperity. But you can very easily destroy prosperity by law. Theodore Roosevelt

Almost every man who has by his life-work added to the sum of human achievement of which the race is proud, of which our people are proud, almost every such man has based his life-work largely upon the teachings of the Bible Theodore Roosevelt

Kings and such are just as funny as politicians. Theodore Roosevelt

wild flowers should be enjoyed unplucked where they grow. Theodore Roosevelt

To anger a conservative, lie to him. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth. Theodore Roosevelt

There are dreadful moments when death comes very near those we love, even if for the time being it passes by. But life is a great adventure, and the worst of all fears is the fear of living. Theodore Roosevelt

Dating back to Teddy Roosevelt, hunters have been the pillar of conservation in America, doing more than anyone to conserve wildlife and its habitat. Gale Norton

No, I'm not a good shot, but I shoot often. Theodore Roosevelt

If a man has a very decided character, has a strongly accentuated career, it is normally the case of course that he makes ardent friends and bitter enemies. Theodore Roosevelt

Believe you can do it and you are halfway there Theodore Roosevelt

With self-discipline, all things are possible Theodore Roosevelt

McKinley shows all the background of a chocolate eclair. Theodore Roosevelt

No triumph of peace is quite so great as the supreme triumphs of war. Theodore Roosevelt

Practical efficiency is common, and lofty idealism not uncommon; it is the combination which is necessary, and the combination is rare Theodore Roosevelt

I always keep my weather eye on the opposition of my seventh house Moon to my first house Mars. Theodore Roosevelt

We are face to face with our destiny and we must meet it with a high and resolute courage. Theodore Roosevelt

Performance should be made square with promise. Theodore Roosevelt

We shall make mistakes; and if we let these mistakes frighten us from our work we shall show ourselves weaklings. Theodore Roosevelt

The Armenian massacre was the greatest crime of the war.. Theodore Roosevelt



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