British Food Quotes


I cook British food, but it doesn't mean I'm jingoistic about it. People can cook very good fusion food. Fergus Henderson

Sitting down to a meal with an Indian family is different from sitting down to a meal with a British family. Roland Joffe

The British hamburger thus symbolised, with savage neatness, the country's failure to provide its ordinary people with food which did anything more for them than sustain life. Clive James

The US head of state grew up on food stamps. The British head of state grew up on the postage stamps. Johann Hari

If there is to be any hope of prosperity for this country it is by reversing that policy which made us simply the kitchen garden for supplying the British with cheap food. Eamon De Valera

I think, British food, it's had a bad rap. April Bloomfield

The only thing that could possibly save British politics would be Margaret Thatcher's assassin. Steven Morrissey

I went to a restaurant that serves 'breakfast at any time'. So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance. Steven Wright

Soup is just a way of screwing you out of a meal. Jay Leno

In Great Britain the price of food is at a higher level than in any other country, and consequently, the British artisan labours at a disadvantage in proportion to the higher rate of his food. Joseph Hume

About 30% of fresh food is thrown away in supermarkets every day, although they will deny it. British households are throwing an estimated 30% of their food away, too. Arthur Potts Dawson

In Britain, the big supermarkets dominate our food chain. British supermarkets are some of the best in the world at controlling, manipulating and delivering cheap food. Arthur Potts Dawson

Don't eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food. Michael Pollan

What Ive been developing is a vegan fast food chain and vegan food markets. Heather Mills

First we eat, then we do everything else. M F K Fisher

Even if you don't eat at a fast food restaurant, you're now eating food that's produced by this system. Joel Salatin

As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists. Joan Dye Gussow

Watermelon - it's a good fruit. You eat, you drink, you wash your face. Enrico Caruso

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food Hippocrates

No medieval monarch in the whole of British history ever had such power as every modern British Prime Minister has in his or her hands. Nor does any American President have power approaching this Tony Benn



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