Breakfast with Friends Quotes


Ideas on earth were badges of friendship or enimity. Their content did not matter. Friends agreed with friends, in order to express friendliness. Enemies disagreed with enemies, in order to express enimity. Kurt Vonnegut

You could be a rebel, a profound thinker, and a rock and roll maniac and still eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and drink a nice cup of tea with your friends. Pamela Des Barres

Oh, my friends, be warned by me, That breakfast, dinner, lunch and tea, Are all human frame requires. Hilaire Belloc

I've got a nice car. I love my job. I've got a bagel store, and I have breakfast every morning with friends I grew up with. I've been in movies, I've written books - I don't know how that all happened. Larry King

I thought my dad was out of work, because my friends had fathers with briefcases who'd go off somewhere with bow ties on. But my father would finish breakfast and go back to his room. Thomas Steinbeck

That's Narmer with the spoon," I guessed. "Angry because the other bloke stole his breakfast cereal? Rick Riordan

That's Narmer with the spoon," I guessed. "Angry because the other bloke stole his breakfast cereal? Rick Riordan

breakfast breakfast i am full of breakfast and they are at breakfast in heaven they breakfast in heaven all s well with the world Don Marquis

Rhymes with push-koo; I always say it sounds like a breakfast cereal. Eliza Dushku

What good are fans? You can't eat applause for breakfast. You can't sleep with it. Bob Dylan

During breakfast there is something I cannot resist, apart from my boyfriend - it's actually the phone. I have a phone breakfast. Always. I call friends, boyfriend, family. Checking who is where. 'Is everything fine?' This is breakfast. Christian Louboutin

Breakfast is a notoriously difficult meal to serve with a flourish. Clement Freud

Read o'er this And after, this, and then to breakfast with What appetite you have. William Shakespeare

I can trace every romance of my life back to a meal. My memories are enhanced by the tender morsels had at tables across from lovers, on blankets with friends who'd eventually become more, in banquets, barbecues, and breakfasts. Stephanie Klein

Setting off unknown to face the unknown, against parental opposition, with no money, friends, or influence, ran it a close second. Cliches like "blazing trails," flying over "shark-infected seas," "battling with monsoons," and "forced landings amongst savage tribes" became familiar diet for breakfast. Unknown names became household words, whilst others, those of the failures, were forgotten utterly except by kith and kin. Amy Johnson

In Hawaii, we go to this wonderful place, all families. My wife and I go directly from breakfast to a beach chair where we read all day. My daughter goes from water to pool to running around with friends she meets, some of whom are regulars there. Stephen Collins

I wake at 5 or 5:30 most mornings, make myself a latte and grab a cookie, write until 10 or 11, go have my favorite meal, 'second breakfast,' or grab coffee with friends, or play basketball. Then, around noon, I begin apologizing via email for the manuscripts I can't get to. Jess Walter

Listen, three eyes," he said, "don't you try to outweird me, I get stranger things than you free with my breakfast cereal. Douglas Adams

You can get used to eating breakfast with a man in a fedora. You can get used to anything, my mother was in the habit of saying. Anne Carson

Breakfast is my specialty. I admit it's the easiest meal to cook, but I make everything with a twist, like lemon ricotta pancakes or bacon that's baked instead of fried. Hugh Jackman



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