Break Even Quotes


Hearts don't often break even. One person is usually more hurt while the other is more relieved. M. Leighton

You have to be a winning player just to break even. Tom McEvoy

In America, we believe that our happiness depends on getting breaks, even though being American is already the biggest break we will ever get. Veronique Vienne

Don't leave it to the law of averages to make you break even. Mike Caro

Everybody knows the rules, even though some break those rules. George A Romero

The best bet you get is an even break. Franklin P. Adams

Poetry, like dreams, will eventually break through every person's consciousness, even the tightest iconoclast's. Sheila Bender

I do not murmur, even if my heart break. Heinrich Heine

Zeroth law: You must play the game First law: You can't win Second law: You can't break even Third law: You can't quit the game. C.P. Snow

Cause I'm on set, make it work, break even on 9 to 5's. Cigarettes and lotto tickets, tryna keep that grind alive Drake

They say the breaks even up in the long run, and the trick is to be a long-distance runner. Chuck Knox

This time her heart would not break, even though it would hurt and hurt for a long time to come. Perhaps for the rest of her life. But it would not break. She had the strength to go on alone. Mary Balogh

Love is a dangerous thing, it can be great and it can be awful. It might make or break your life. It could even change you as a person. Shannon Leto

As they say, when a man begins to have bad luck, even clabber can break his head. Jacques Roumain

For me, even my break time I like to pull out the bow and just go over a Vivaldi sonata and keep my head sharp, keep everything sharp. Chris Wyse

The two of them went down in a heap, with not even a turkey to break their fall. Eoin Colfer

I think that sometimes people don't think before they speak. And even a small comment can make or break someone's day. Lexi Ainsworth

It took a lot of work to be perfect. If you did' want to break a sweat, there was no point in even bothering. Sarah Dessen

When a task seems too daunting to even approach, break it up into little bits. Samantha Larson

When you're spending $200 million on a movie, you need to make $400 million to break even. It's a spectacle. Joe Carnahan



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