Boy and Girl


Keep marching boys and girls. Keep marching Rodman Philbrick

I have never been a girlie girl and have always been a boys' girl with an equal amount of friends who were boys and girls. Anushka Sharma

Every Hindu boy and girl should possess sound Samskrit learning. Mahatma Gandhi

Never interfere in a girl and boy fight. William S Burroughs

Boy meets girl. Boy marries girl. Boy and girl angst over which family they visit at Thanksgiving and which one in December and whether or not it's best to serve turkey or goose for the family feast. When first faced with the reality that the family you married into does things differently, the warmth of tradition can take on a chill. Margaret Kennedy

One nip from a dragon and you're down? Get up, you craven school (boy/girl)! Gangrel

The venn diagram of boys who do' like smart girls and boys you do' wanna date is a circle. John Green

How can you go wrong with two people in love? If a good boy loves a good girl, good. If a good boy loves another good boy, good. And if a good girl loves the goodness in good boys and good girls, then all you have is more goodness, and goodness has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Fiona Apple

The idea behind a dish - the delight and the surprise - makes a difference. Great literature surprises and delights, and provokes us. It isn't just 'Here's the facts - boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl.' It's how you tell it. Nathan Myhrvold

What is my task? To get the gospel around the world in the shortest possible time to every man and woman and boy and girl! Aimee Semple McPherson

When boys and girls go out to play there is always someone left behind, and the boy who is left behind is no use to the girl who is left behind. Paul Potts

Every limbo boy and girl, all around the limbo world. Gonna do the limbo rock, all around the limbo clock. Chubby Checker

A person's never too old for stories. Man and boy, girl and woman, we live for them. - Roland Deschain Stephen King

A person's never too old for stories. Man and boy, girl and woman, we live for them. - Roland Deschain Stephen King

There are boys and girls, there is night and day, but above all there is love. Dries Van Noten

Boys will be boys and girls will be girls, and if you want it any different you can join a Shubert chorus J. P. McEvoy

If the girls and boys have talent and feel like working on themselves, they can become champions. Rafael Nadal

A lot of what happens in consensual encounters and in the way we talk to both girls and boys about sex creates a medium in which assault flourishes. Peggy Orenstein

Instead of making Friday The 13th, Part VIII or whatever, I was making the girl-meets-boy, girl-meets-girl-dressed-as-boy movie. It was fun. I liked it. It's goofy. I look back at myself and think, "What the hell was I doing?" Sherilyn Fenn

For the longest time, you couldnt even say boys and girls were different. It was taboo in the educational world. Jon Scieszka



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