Black Hat Quotes


U.S. foreign policy is Manichaean. It's like a Hollywood movie. You have to know who has the white hat and who has the black hat and then go against the black hat. Carlos Fuentes

I don't think I have a black-hat image. Harold Simmons

So for Bullitt, I just put my black hat back on. Robert Vaughn

There is a big black hat and it makes you invisible. Have you heard of that hat? You put it on and then no one can see you. Henrik Ibsen

Christmas Eve, 1955, Benny Profane, wearing black levis, suede jacket, sneaker and big cowboy hat, happened to pass through Norfolk, Virginia. Thomas Pynchon

If you ain't got your black hat, there ain't no use in filling out an application. Greg Moore

Why are you not where you belong? / A black hat on a hook says nothing. / Ashes mirror ashes / In a mirroring window. Mary Jo Bang

I will continue wearing the white hat and black mask until I ride up into the big ranch in the sky. Clayton Moore

I got into my very theatrical phase. I wore only black: a big black hat and wild hair and wild black clothes, and I carried a sword stick. I went there still looking like Miss Florida, and I came back looking very different. Delta Burke

One great thing about being a black man is that if you put on a hat, you can move around unnoticed. Deval Patrick

I do not think I had ever seen a nastier-looking man. Under the black hat, when I had first seen them, the eyes had been those of an unsuccessful rapist. Ernest Hemingway

If anyone wants one my advise is to go where the orthodox Jews shop, because when it comes to a big black fedora, the guys with ringlets and long black coats definitely know a stylish hat when they see one. You want to get it home and use a hot steaming kettle, and bob's your uncle - you have a hat with all the right curves! Terry Pratchett

My mother's favorite photograph was one of herself at twenty-four years old, unbearably beautiful, utterly glamorous, in a black-straw cartwheel hat, dark-red lipstick, and a smart black suit, her notepad on a cocktail table. I know nothing about that woman. Amy Bloom

...just because I don't have on a silly black costume and carry a silly broom and wear a silly black hat, doesn't mean that I'm not a witch. I'm a witch all the time and not just on Halloween. E L Konigsburg

Eve: Anyway, thanks for riding to the rescue. You need a white hat. Good guys wear white, right? Roarke: I look better in black. Nora Roberts

I learned something, when you have Nazi uniform on, why people were so evil and used their power. Because it's a very powerful uniform, it's like boots and black and silver and skeletons everywhere, on your hat, on your shoulder. Udo Kier

In families children tend to take on stock roles, as if there were hats hung up in some secret place, visible only to the children. Each succeeding child selects a hat and takes on that role: the good child, the black sheep, the clown, and so forth. Ellen Galinsky

Somebody has to wear the black hat and give the audience someone to shake their fists at. They want someone to hate. And if that's what you want to pay me to do, I'm happy to do it! Jane Elliott

You have to take your hat off to the homosexual and gay community cause right now they're as strong as black people USE to be when it comes to their rights. Tyrese Gibson

Whatever we believe about ourselves and our ability comes true for us. Susan L Taylor



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