Birth Month Personality


Man's main task in life is to give birth to himself. Erich Fromm

The greatness of the human personality begins at the hour of birth. Maria Montessori

I am here to destroy your personality, to give birth to your individuality. Rajneesh

To preserve yourself as the center of the world, to stay your own best authority on everything, your own expert on all topics, infallible, omniscient. Always, every time of the month, forever: Use birth control. Chuck Palahniuk

Thus strength is afforded by good and thorough customs, thus is learnt the subjection of the individual, and strenuousness of character becomes a birth gift and afterwards is fostered as a habit. Friedrich Nietzsche

I still lack a political, religious and philosophical world view - I change it every month - and so I'll have to limit myself to descriptions of how my heroes love, marry, give birth, die, and how they speak. Anton Chekhov

The childbearing year is a thirteen month year: the two months before conception, the nine months of pregnancy, and the two months following the birth. The childbearing is a time of adjustments and fierce emotions. The childbearing year touches every season. Susun Weed

Personality of reincarnating as Paulo was that of his deceased sister, Emilia. She made several suicidal attempts. Finally she took cyanide and died very quickly on October, 12, 1921." Joe Fisher continued the research: Emilia died "fourteen months before Paulo's birth. He took on Emilia's self destructive instincts. Paulo made several attempts to kill himself before committing suicide on September 5, 1966 by setting himself on fire. Ian Stevenson

At birth, the child leaves a person - his mother's womb - and this makes him independent of her bodily functions. The baby is next endowed with an urge, or need, to face the out world and to absorb it. We might say that he is born with 'the psychology of world conquest.' By absorbing what he finds about him, he forms his own personality. Maria Montessori

My grandmother did not come to see me till a month after my birth. I was born seven years after my only sister and my birth was a big disappointment for her. In it there is a message that I understand very well now about the discrimination against the girl child. My uncles and other relatives are against encouraging girls. My parents are more open. They back me all the way. Saina Nehwal

John Kerry says that he wants to debate President Bush once a month until the election. This could be a risky move for Senator Kerry. If Bush doesn't show up for the debates, John Kerry may end up debating an empty chair. And that could be pretty much a toss up as to which one has the better personality. Jay Leno

The naive notion that a mother naturally acquires the complex skills of childrearing simply because she has given birth now seemsas absurd to me as enrolling in a nine-month class in composition and imagining that at the end of the course you are now prepared to begin writing War and Peace. Mary Blakely

It becomes more necessary to see the truth as it is if you realise that the only vehicle for change are these people who have lost their personality. The first step therefore is to make the black man come to himself; to pump back life into his empty shell; to infuse him with pride and dignity, to remind him of his complicity in the crime of allowing himself to be misused and therefore letting evil reign supreme in the country of his birth. Steven Biko

Birth is nothing where virtue is not Moliere

birth control is the means by which woman attains basic freedom ... Margaret Sanger

Birth is violent, whether it be the birth of a child or the birth of an idea. Marianne Williamson

Personality is immediately apparent, from birth, and I don't think it really changes. Meryl Streep

I think that personality traits that come through when somebody is really sincere is what makes them beautiful. Taylor Swift

Each human personality is like a piece of music, having an individual tone and a rhythm of its own. Hazrat Inayat Khan

You see, we're America the Beautiful, not "America Well At Least She Has A Great Personality". Stephen Colbert



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