Beyond Control Quotes


The heart itself is beyond control. That is its power, and its weakness. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Spirituality points, always, beyond: beyond the ordinary, beyond possession, beyond the narrow confines of the self, and - above all - beyond expectations. Because "the spiritual" is beyond our control, it is never exactly what we expect. Ernest Kurtz

Who are you, gaijin? What do you know about honor?' 'I'm called Chocho,' Will said... 'Chocho?' Arisaka shouted, goaded beyond control. 'Butterfly? Then die, Butterfly! John Flanagan

I've never done acid, finding it hard to go willingly to a place that could be frightening, hellish, and totally beyond my control. A place much like high school. Libba Bray

Confidence is preparation. Everything else is beyond your control. Richard Kline

The feeling of relinquishing responsibility to someone else, letting him take control, was a relief beyond words. Lisa Kleypas

Each atom is trying to fly off from its centre. In the internal world, each thought is trying to go beyond control. Again each particle in the external world is checked by another force, the centripetal, and drawn towards the centre. Similarly in the thought - world the controlling power is checking all these outgoing desires. Swami Vivekananda

I used to think I sewed us together at the edges with my own hands, pulled the stitches tight and I could unpick them any time I wanted. Now I think it always ran deeper than that and farther, underground; out of sight and way beyond my control. Tana French

Circumstances beyond my individual control. Charles Dickens

Surrender means wisely accommodating ourselves to what is beyond our control. Sylvia Boorstein

I trust in the ebb and flow of the universe. I trust that life's bigger than what I can see. I trust that there is a divine order beyond my control. And I trust that no matter what happens, I will be all right. Oprah Winfrey

It's beyond my control how I'm perceived. Waris Ahluwalia

I was in Afghanistan and then obviously in Iraq. And I realized that you can't control life. You can do a lot to prepare. You can train, and at the end of the day there's an element that's always going to be beyond your control. Nathaniel Fick

The efficiency of most workers is beyond the control of the management and depends more than has been supposed upon the willingness of men to do their best. Sumner Slichter

Freedom and happiness are won by disregarding things that lie beyond our control. Epictetus

A man whose eyes love opens risks his soul - His dancing breaks beyond the mind's control. Farid al-Din Attar

I know that I've been given more than beyond measure. I come alive when I see beyond my fears. I know that I've been given more than earthly treasure. I come alive when I've broken down and given you control. Jeremy Camp

Once we understand that what happens beyond our control may be just what we need, we see that acceptance of reality can be our way of participating in our own evolution. David Richo

Fortune may raise up or abuse the ordinary mortal, but the sage and the soldier should have minds beyond her control. Walter Scott

Every profession has an ideology and a drive for power that goes far beyond its achievements and it is the task of democracy to keep this ideology and this drive under control. Science is here no different from other institutions. Paul Feyerabend



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