Better World Quotes


The world would become better off If people tried to become better. And people would become better If they stopped trying to become better off. Peter Maurin

I'm not trying to make the world a better place. Mary Harron

Make the world a better place because you have lived in it. Edgar Cayce

Social is a better way to interact with digital world. It is better than search. Implications for... everything. Total change. Yuri Milner

The world is my oyster. The road is my home. And I know that I'm better off Alone. Ani Difranco

The world's a better place since I chose music. Henry Rollins

To make the world a better place, see the world as a better place. Alan Cohen

The world would be better off with multiple superpowers. When Communist USSR was a superpower, the world was better off. Janeane Garofalo

Make the world better. Lucy Stone

It is our duty to make this world a better place for women. Christabel Pankhurst

To leave this world a better person, and for me to not be the only one who knows it. Gavin Degraw

I will make this world a better place, whether they like it or not. That's the fun of being Queen. Amanda Hocking

In the whole world, there was no better place than being wrapped in him. Ilona Andrews

Put your passions to work to make this world a better place. Richard Branson

The more of us that feel the universe, the better off we will be in this world. Neil Degrasse Tyson

They preach that I should save the world. They pray that I won't do a better job of it. Dar Williams

Perhaps not all spirits are meant for this world, but they pass through anyway and change for the better those which are. Ryan Winfield

If everybody can be happy with what they achieve with their life, this world would be a better place. Angelique Kidjo

You must leave this world a better place than it would have been if you had not existed. Isabel Wilkerson

I am an optimistic fatalist. This world and all its beginnings will pass on into something better. George Macdonald



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