Best Selfie Quotes


Muhasaba is your best selfie. Suhaib Webb

Muh?saba is your best selfie. Suhaib Webb

When taking a selfie, remember the most natural pose is still best Leonardo Da Vinci

Yes here I am doing what I do best; and that's taking a selfie. People make fun of me but the reality is if I didn't take them you would never see me as I want to be seen. I'm a difficult subject and my greatest fear is dying and someone finding my phone and the hundreds upon hundreds of selfies. Sara Quin

Selfies became too big. The selfie photos are not good. Fans ask me for a selfie, and I say, 'Let's just do a photo.' I'm not anti-selfie, but I like a classic photograph. Marin Cilic

I love a selfie in the mirror. Kim Kardashian

I don't like the selfie because it's too close. There ain't no people with arms long enough to do a selfie of me. Cilla Black

Running for president is the new selfie. James Gleick

If it's called a selfie, why are there people in it? Johnny Depp

I've never taken a selfie and I don't plan to start now, Anna Wintour

I didn't invent the word "selfie," but I took tons of Polaroids of myself. Brigid Berlin

I"ve never taken a selfie and I do' plan to start now, Anna Wintour

Most people don't know that I invented the selfie. Paul Mccartney

I took a selfie to prove to myself that I exist! Maximillian Degenerez

There are bigger queens of the selfie, but I'm up there. Rita Ora

The selfie is the new way to look someone right in the eye and say, 'Hello, this is me.' James Franco

A good selfie is when you successfully capture the feeling of that very moment! Anamika Mishra

I'm not a fan of the selfie. I think it's at the heart of the narcissism that social media brings into our lives. Kim Stolz

I feel like Jonah Hill would be a good selfie, or Jennifer Lawrence. They'd be really good ones...Historic. Sarah Hyland

[Pope Francis ] is taken a selfie!He's a tremendous breath of fresh air. Desmond Tutu



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