Best Foreign Quotes


The true theory of our Constitution is surely the wisest and best, that the states are independent as to everything within themselves and united as to everything respecting foreign nations. Let the general government be reduced to foreign concerns only. Thomas Jefferson

The libertarian creed...offers the fulfillment of the best of the American past along with the promise of a far better future. Libertarians are squarely in the great classical liberal tradition that built the United States and bestowed on us the American heritage of individual liberty, a peaceful foreign policy, minimal government, and a free-market economy. Murray Rothbard

I believe the states can best govern our home concerns and the federal government our foreign ones. Thomas Jefferson

For somebody who loves foreign policy, being Secretary is the best job in the world - but it doesn't happen twice. Madeleine Albright

The best way to learn a language may be an episode of jail in a foreign country. Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Honesty will be found on every experiment, to be the best and only true policy; let us then as a Nation be just. George Washington

A regime [Nazism] which invented a biological foreign policy was obviously acting against its own best interests. But at least it obeyed its own particular logic. Albert Camus

Highfalutin moral principles are impossible guides to foreign policy. At worst, they reflect hypocrisy; at best, extreme naivete. Charles Krauthammer

I guess my biggest failure was not getting reelected. [The loss taught me] not to ever let American hostages be held for 444 days in a foreign country without extracting them. I did the best I could, but I failed. Jimmy Carter

The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one's own country as a foreign land. Gilbert K Chesterton

A foreign country can best be understood through its literature. Simone De Beauvoir

Learn Languages the Right Way. Language acquisition games and abstract communicative method are bullshit. The second-best way to learn a foreign language is alone in a room doing skull-numbing rote memorization of vocabulary, grammar, key phrases, and colloquialisms. The best way is in bed. Chuck Thompson

It is fantastic to be found in a foreign country. Ed O'Brien

Words summarize the American philosophy of life: Live and let live; Let's make a deal. 8 words summarize American foreign policy: We're better than you; Do it our way. Gary North

My anxious recollections, my sympathetic feeling, and my best wishes are irresistibly excited whensoever, in any country, I see an oppressed nation unfurl the banners of freedom. George Washington

There's this kind of almost - kind of a weird kind of elitism that says well maybe - maybe certain people in certain parts of the world shouldn't be free; maybe it's best just to let them sit in these tyrannical societies. And our foreign policy rejects that concept. And we don't accept it. And so we're working. George W Bush

Reasonable, even intelligent people can, and frequently do, disagree on how best to achieve peace in the Middle East, but, peace must be the goal of our foreign policy tools, whether they be by the stick or by the carrot. Nick Rahall

I felt that America's duty was not to try to do everything itself, but to foster a sense of commitment that would bring out the best in every country. Madeleine Albright

I believe on foreign policy that there is little difference between the Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. We believe that the best course for containing North Korea's nuclear program is through diplomacy, and we disagree with the language the President Donald Trump has used, and the fact that he's made it more difficult for diplomacy to work. Ben Cardin

Everywhere is nowhere. When a person spends all his time in foreign travel, he ends by having many acquaintances, but no friends. Seneca the Younger



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