Believe You Can Do It


It's not what other people believe you can do, it's what you believe. Gail Devers

If you believe you can do a thing, you can do it. Claude M Bristol

You can do it if you believe you can. Napoleon Hill

I don't think anything is unrealistic if you believe you can do it. Richard L Evans

I think you know what? You've got to believe in yourself. You can do it. Juan Williams

If I can do it, little old me, you can do it. Trust and believe. Bobby Green

The most important thing is to believe in yourself and know that you can do it. Gabby Douglas

Believe you can do it. Believing something can be done puts your mind to work for you and helps you find ways to do it. George Shinn

If you do not believe you can do it then you have no chance at all. Arsene Wenger

If you dream and you believe, you can do it. Puff Daddy

You have to believe in yourself. You have to believe there's a reason you're trying to pursue the highest levels you can go. That's because you can do it and you can do it well and you can do it better than anybody else. Rush Limbaugh

The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it. Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you believe. Bob Ross

If you believe you can do something, then you can acquire the ability to do it even if you didn't have it in the beginning. Josh Billings

It's so important to believe in yourself. Believe that you can do it, under any circumstances. Because if you believe you can, then you really will. That belief just keeps you searching for the answers, and then pretty soon you get it. Wally Amos

When you believe that you can do something, that's when you can do it. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The turning point, I think, was when I really realized that you can do it yourself. That you have to believe in you because sometimes that's the only person that does believe in your success but you. Tim Blixseth

If you don't believe you can do something then you can't. Kai Greene

If you believe you can, and believe it strongly enough, you'll be amazed at what you can do. Nido R Qubein

When you believe in yourself and you know that you can do it then your body just follows suit. David Branch

The secret to doing anything is believing you can do it. Bob Ross



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