Being on a Budget Quotes


I love the entire process of being on the set and being able to create a character. It's so much fun. In 'Think Like a Man,' I have a very small part. They told me it wasn't a big budget, but I don't care about any of that. I'll do it for free simply because I love being on the set with other creative people. Sherri Shepherd

There's nothing like being on a massive-budget film where you don't know anything, and there's a million people, and no one's communicating. Hugo Weaving

States, virtually all of them, have a constitutional requirement to operate on a balanced budget. John Kitzhaber

Our balanced budget has an important psychological function. It is a signal that we can't continue to constantly take on debt. Wolfgang Schauble

My name can raise money on a small-budget film. Samantha Morton

When you're dressing on a budget, simplicity is key. Neyo

What's frustrating to me is when, on a low-budget movie, people don't take chances. A big-budget movie, that script's your bible; nobody's going to risk going off the page. But when you're doing a very low-budget film, why not take some chances, intellectually, artistically? Lance Henriksen

On Bill Clinton: I have a simple question: Who's the last President to give you a balanced budget? William J Clinton

Occasionally I'll be a producer for hire on a larger budget movie, but with Blumhouse Pictures, we mainly focus on micro-budget, under-$5-million-dollar movies. That's what we're in business to do, and that's what we're in business to make. Jason Blum

We need to be honest with the American people about the problems and the challenges ahead and the solutions that are needed to fix them. And I would argue it's the president who has been missing in action on this front. He knows we have a debt crisis coming. All independent experts show us this. And so he hasn't even given us a budget yet. I mean, the law required that he was supposed to submit a budget the first Monday in February. Paul Ryan

Obama hasn't passed a budget in four years, he's a wuss. Obama has rejected the recommendation of his own Simpson-Bowles, on a budget package, he's a wuss. He wants to lead from behind, he's a wuss! John Sununu

The only difference between working on a huge-budget film and a lesser-budget film, is the quality of lunch and dinner. Ving Rhames

Bush may be a strong leader in the war on terrorism, but on budget deficits he is missing-in-action. Jim Cooper

Working on a big-budget summer blockbuster with a built-in fan base is a dream come true for any actor. Pete Ploszek

This violence is so pervasive. We see it in our schools, where we have more security guards now than teachers. We see it in California where more prisons are being built than colleges. It goes on and on. We see it in a trillion-dollar war budget, politics becoming an extension of war rather than vice versa. This violence is like a fog. It covers everything. Henry Giroux

Of course, tax revenues have ended up being substantially higher than they were at the time these dire projections were made, and we are very close now to having a balanced budget. All that has been very helpful. Charles M. Vest

Decreasing the budget on the space exploration is nothing but a great treason to humanity! Space exploration is closely related to our very existence! Cut the budget on other things and increase the budget on the space exploration! Think great; if you do not think great, universe annihilates you! Mehmet Murat Ildan

Despite a decade of criticism and budget cuts, the specialised UN agencies have far more expertise and hands-on experience than any other organisations in the world. Jeffrey Sachs

Maybe it's just a matter of getting older and being aware that the market for medium-budget and low-budget films, which is of course what I spent most of my life making, has diminished. And maybe the quantity of ideas has diminished a little bit. Roger Corman

I said we are going to balance an $11 billion budget deficit in a $29 billion budget, so by percentage, the largest budget deficit in America, by percentage, larger than California, larger than New York, larger than Illinois. And we're going to balance that without raising taxes on the people of the state of New Jersey. Chris Christie



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