Being Not Guilty


Ladies and gentlemen, Im going to prove to you not only that Freddy Quimby is guilty, but that he is also innocent of not being guilty Lionel

Whenever my country has something bad happening I feel guilty for not being there. It's weird. Iggy Azalea

I'm working 18 hour days and I'm feeling guilty not being able to be there when all those times I want to be mother. Kate Hudson

In the end, we would like not to be guilty while at the same time being dispensed of the effort of purifying ourselves. Not enough cynicism and not enough virtue. Albert Camus

In God's pattern of justice, He takes the risk of the guilty going free but not the innocent being punished. Max Anders

A man can give up a right, but he may not give up a duty without being guilty of a grave dereliction. Mahatma Gandhi

Dan Rather is guilty of not being skeptical enough about a story that was politically loaded. Bill O'Reilly

I am not guilty, I am innocent. Saddam Hussein

The only faults considered grave are the following: not respecting the rights of one's neighbor, letting oneself be paralyzed by fear, feeling guilty, thinking one does not deserve the good and bad which occurs in life, and being a coward. Paulo Coelho

Where are you going?" I asked, feeling guilty for not being able to hang out with him. "To find a faerie to kill me, of course." He winked at us, then pretended to fall straight through when the faerie door opened. Even Arianna laughed as the door closed behind him. Kiersten White

I think guilt is the biggest problem in America, people are always feeling guilty about being themselves. You can't say what you want because it's not politically correct. You can't look like you want because you, the people at the office aren't going to like you and so on. Marilyn Manson

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the many things we have to be thankful for, not so we feel guilty about what we have that others don't, but to be genuinely grateful for our blessings. Michael Josephson

You need not feel guilty about not being able to keep your life perfectly balanced. Juggling everything is too difficult. All you really need to do is catch it before it hits the floor. Carol Bartz

Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do. Voltaire

I feel like if I am physically and emotionally able to be at the theater, I will be there. I don't like not being there - I don't like playing hooky. I am just one of those people who feels really, really guilty if I am not there - maybe it's part of being Catholic. Lea Salonga

We know that we are not collectively guilty, so how can we accuse any other nation, no matter what some of its people have done, of being collectively guilty? Simon Wiesenthal

But I will plead not guilty until death. I will plead not guilty until there is proof to the contrary. Augustin Misago

Whether life finds us guilty or not guilty, we ourselves know we are not innocent. Sandor Marai

He is not guilty who is not guilty of his own free will. Seneca the Younger

I think, ultimately you know in your heart how much work you've done. You know what you're doing, if you're being honest on stage or not. That's all you being you. But when you acknowledges it - especially with a Tony Award nomination - you just can't help with the guilty pleasure! Laura Bell Bundy



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