Being Not Confident


The goal of preparation then is not knowing exactly where you'll go but being confident nonetheless that you'll get there. Rolf Potts

You succeed because you've chosen to be confident. It's not really useful to require yourself to be successful before you're able to become confident. Seth Godin

Every rep that you take off, somebody else gets another look. That's just how I am. It's not a matter of being paranoid, it's a matter of being confident and not taking anything for granted. Derrick Brooks

Owning your curves means being confident - actually being confident - in your own skin. Meghan Trainor

Owning your curves means being confident - actually being confident - in your own skin. Growing up was tricky for me, it was so hard to shop with all of my friends and not being able to fit into the tiny clothes they were wearing. Meghan Trainor

Telling someone to be confident in the abstract is not going to make it easier for the unconfident writer to actually get herself or himself to the point of being able to put in the upsetting stuff. Alice Mattison

You know, being confident isn't the same as being right. William Landay

I feel like I'm the best actor on the planet and I also feel like I'm a fraud. I think hubris comes from insecurity. Confidence comes in a more rooted sense; part of being confident is being able to say, "I can be really shitty," and to accept that. But also not to crumble under it. Bill Skarsgard

Frequent risk-takers have had their fair shares of failures and successes, hence, being confident in reaching their goals, they will usually seem insensitive to whether or not they look foolish or cool to other people. Criss Jami

Being afraid on the court, means you're not confident of your skills Michael Jordan

I would feel really dishonest writing a song that was really sassy, or really confident, because I'm not a supremely confident being. I think that's what people find interesting about what I do; it's very different lyrically. Shura

Be confident and not cocky. Ashley Roberts

Be confident, not certain Eleanor Roosevelt

We need to be confident. We need not to blink. Sebastian Coe

I don't think about being beautiful or not being beautiful. It's more about feeling confident inside your own skin really and thinking about yourself as little as possible. Cate Blanchett

Sometimes being different is not going to be the most popular thing. But you have to be confident in you and what you know is right and stand firm. You may lose friends over it. Families may even split up because of it. But that's the price to pay. That's the cross to bear when you really live your life for Christ. DeLisha Milton-Jones

Be your own artist, and always be confident in what youre doing. If youre not going to be confident, you might as well not be doing it. Aretha Franklin

I'm not confident around compliments or being celebrated, and I'm not comfortable with the thought of envy, which some people thrive on. Rachel Weisz

You have to be confident, if you're not confident you might as well go home. Derek Jeter

'Sexy' is being independent, being confident and having fun. Mollie King



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