Being More Productive


Programming in Go is like being young again (but more productive!). Anneli Jaatteenmaki

It is precisely the way which is productive - this is the essential thing; becoming is more important than being... Paul Klee

We are rapidly moving into the post-industrial age, when we must redefine what is "productive" work, as more and more jobs are being replaced by automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Riane Eisler

You can always find reasons to work. There will always be one more thing to do. But when people don't take time out, they stop being productive. They stop being happy, and that affects the morale of everyone around them. Carisa Bianchi

When workers make more money, they respond by being more productive in their jobs and are less likely to leave, reducing turnover costs. This puts money in business' pockets, and workers also then have more money to spend in the local economy. David Rolf

Focus on being productive instead of busy. Tim Ferriss

I just don't see the point in beating myself up. I think it's more productive to concentrate on being a better person right now than punishing myself for who I was in the past. Megan Mccafferty

I think we could get people to both be more productive and happier. We're less productive as individuals. We're less productive as companies, and we're more miserable. Dan Ariely

Part of being a winner is knowing when enough is enough. Sometimes you have to give up the fight and walk away, and move on to something that's more productive. Donald Trump

Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all. Peter Drucker

I'm very comfortable with being productive. I like doing things, and I like creating things. Jennifer Lopez

I wanna keep being productive and creative. Vince Gilligan

When people don't take time out, they stop being productive. Carisa Bianchi

I'm used to being productive, ever since I was young. Robert Pozen

Knowledge acquired too rapidly and without being personally supplemented is never very productive. Georg C Lichtenberg

The most successful people in this world recognize that taking chances to get what they want is much more productive than sitting around being too scared to take a shot. Steve Harvey

My father is not around any more, so I cannot ask him to do my drawings for me. So, I had to find a different way. And I came up with the solution to use the printers then; I wasn't doing anything complicated. The nature of the printer is efficiency in itself and about working, being productive. Wade Guyton

Individuals who deliberately decide not to take offense lead happier, more productive lives. Lloyd D. Newell

Sins of commission are far more productive of happiness than the sins of omission. Myrtle Reed

anger is more productive than fear. Sharyn McCrumb



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