Being More Positive


The more honest and authentic we are, the more deeply we go into the mystery of our own being.. Adyashanti

Positive, optimistic sales people sell more than pessimistic sales people. Martin Seligman

Positive people have more friends which is a key factor of happiness and longevity. Robert D. Putnam

I believe that when you work on yourself, you are attracted by different, more positive beings. Isabelle Adjani

You are capable of much more than you are presently thinking, imagining, doing or being. Myles Munroe

Being a good writer may result in your being nicer to more people, having a bigger positive impact. Marty Nemko

Positive thinking is just one small part of positive psychology. Plus, as an approach to well-being, positive thinking only helps you to the extent that it yields one or more positive emotions. The problem with positive thinking is that it sometimes just stays up "in the head" and fails to drip down to become a fully embodied experience. Barbara Fredrickson

Our brain is continuously being shaped - we can take more responsibility for our own brain by cultivating positive influences. Richard Davidson

Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. A smile. A world of optimism and hope. A "you can do it" when things are tough. Richard DeVos

If someone's going to talk about me, I'd want it to be positively. The way many write, you'd think only bad things were interesting. If we don't think positive, what's the use? It's a lot more fun, you know. Dorothy Stratten

If you wish to be positive, which means youthful, never speak of the past any more than you can help. Gelett Burgess

Give something back by becoming more Tony Robbins

Work is either fun or drudgery. It depends on your attitude. I like fun. Colleen Barrett

There are no menial jobs, only menial attitudes. William Bennett

Positivity psychology is part and parcel of psychology. Being human includes both ups and downs, opportunities and challenges. Positive psychology devotes somewhat more attention to the ups and the opportunities, whereas traditional psychology - at least historically - has paid more attention to the downs. Barbara Fredrickson

I am not a professional coach but I believe being healthy inside and out and cleansing your demons ... helps you perform better in business and become a more positive person. Michelle Mone

I actually think it's easier to be positive than negative, to be honest - it takes way more energy to stay mad at someone, for instance, than it does to say "i forgive you" and move on. Dave Smalley

Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures. H Jackson Brown Jr

Be positive. Keep grinding. Stay positive. Scott Hall

There's a great difference between being positive and being delusional. Amy Chan



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