Being More Creative


Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird; that's easy. What's hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity. Charles Mingus

Nothing will stop you being creative more effectively as the fear of making a mistake. John Cleese

Nothing makes an actor feel freer and more inventive and more creative than being trusted. Kevin Kline

I've always had a really great time being in movies and writing music when I get home. The more creative I am, the more it feeds into other creative aspects of my life. Zooey Deschanel

Before, I was really passive, all I cared about was being in love with my boyfriend. I didn't have any creative power, nothing. I don't know that person any more. Gwen Stefani

Experiencing sadness and anger can make you feel more creative, and by being creative, you can get beyond your pain or negativity. Yoko Ono

The trouble with much of the advice business is getting today about the need to be more vigorously creative is, essentially, that its advocates have generally failed to distinguish between the relatively easy process of being creative in the abstract and the infinitely more difficult process of being innovationist in the concrete. Theodore Levitt

I feel more comfortable confidence-wise. You get to the NHL, and you're nervous about trying things. With experience, you're not as afraid of being creative. Martin St. Louis

Music has become a bigger business, and with that there is more pressure to succeed; I think that it creates a negative pressure for being creative. Jerry Harrison

I still love being creative. I still love the aspects of working together with great, talented people. But it's a weird dichotomy; I'm being blessed with more opportunities, but I'm going to be taking less of them. Sandra Bullock

Thus the creative genius may be at once nave and knowledgeable, being at home equally to primitive symbolism and to rigorous logic. He is both more primitive and more cultured, more destructive and more constructive, occasionally crazier and yet adamantly saner, than the average person. Frank X. Barron

I would never not work on the part without it playing. That's what being an actor is. You use everything that's influenced you to help you get out of yourself or be more creative. Philip Seymour Hoffman

The more I do this creative work teaching the "Personal Creativity in Business" course at Stanford the more I realize that business is about people in groups being creative in their own way. If business creativity does not allow individual development, then it isn't sustainable. But if business creativity means people bringing out their best and developing that, then amazing things can happen - not only for the business but also more importantly for the individual and the surrounding community. Michael Ray

Being more aware creates responsibility. What does responsibility mean? It means the ability to respond. The more conscious you are in your ability to respond, the more creative you'll be. Deepak Chopra

I can't think of anything more rewarding than being able to express yourself to others through painting. Exercising the imagination, experimenting with talents, being creative; these things, to me, are truly the windows to your soul. Bob Ross

Part of being creative is not being super-duper focused. Joshua Foer

If you can see yourself more than just a victim, aha, now you've got the place to move into that is much more vital and creative and is resourceful than being a victim. Kelly Carlin-McCall

It isn't necessary to be perfect to be a channel for the universe. You just have to be real- be yourself. The more real, honest, and spontaneous you are, the more freely the creative force can flow through you. Shakti Gawain

Being wrong doesn't mean being creative - but if you aren't afraid of being wrong, you can't be creative. Ken Robinson

Ive taken Saturdays to be the day I pull back completely. I do things that are more creative, and Ive actually found that helps me when I get back into work to be more thoughtful, and I truly believe that feeding your creative soul is really important to being more analytical. Padmasree Warrior



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