Being Mad


There are worse things than being mad. Jack Kerouac

It's not about being mad at everything. It's about being really mad at the right things. Ice T

Being mad is activating. Being sad can lead to hopelessness. I'm not hopeless. I'm very hopeful. Jayni Chase

You see all of us go through the same doubts. We are afraid of being mad; unfortunately for us, of course, all of us are already mad. Carlos Castaneda

There is less harm to be suffered in being mad among madmen than in being sane all by oneself. Denis Diderot

I learned that getting mad was easier than being sad. Emily Giffin

Being mad is even pleasant. But only a madman understands that. Irving Stone

Resisting madness is the maddest way of being mad. Norman O Brown

Women who are inclined to write poetry at all are inspired by being mad at something. Amy Clampitt

You will say that I am old and mad, was what Michaelangelo wrote, but I answer that there is no better way of being sane and free from anxiety than by being mad. David Markson

I'm mad about being old and I'm mad about being American. Apart from that, OK. Kurt Vonnegut

I'm very much afraid of being mad - that's my one fear. Sting

Being on 'The Sopranos' definitely prepared me for the militant secrecy of 'Mad Men.' Cara Buono

You can't get mad at a bear for being racist. You can't get mad at a bear for being offensive. It's not real. Mila Kunis

I remember being mad about having pink and red shoes. I gew up envying other girls' pink and red shoes. Miuccia Prada

Sir,' I interrupted him, 'you are inexorable for that unfortunate lady; you speak of her with hate - with vindictive antipathy. It is cruel - she cannot help being mad. Charlotte Bronte

Most men are within a finger's breadth of being mad. Diogenes

I'm a very sympathetic person, but that doesn't always come across in my work because I'm too busy being mad at everything. Lydia Lunch

How could you get mad at someone who neither needed to attack nor was at all worried about being able to defend? It was like getting mad at Switzerland. Karl Marlantes

To be just without being mad (and the madder you get the madder you get), to be peaceful without being stupid, to be interested without being compulsive, to be happy without being hysterical... smoke grass. Ken Kesey



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