Being High and Happy


When you're a little kid, you just like music that makes you happy and is fun. As you get older, you reach college or your 20s and you decide that music should be challenging and all art should be smart. So you start to think it makes you like high art more to put down things you consider low art. I don't even think things are low art. Patrick Stump

We are no longer happy so soon as we wish to be happier. Walter Savage Landor

Whoever is happy will make others happy. Anne Frank

In high school, I tried very hard to make everybody like me, which resulted in me being extremely unhappy and in a lot of pain. Therefore, the lesson I got from that was that I can't make everybody happy. Zoey Deutch

The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what you have, instead of what you don't have. Woody Allen

Be happy with what you have. Be excited about what you want. Alan Cohen

The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are, and not who people think you are. Goldie Hawn

I have stepped off the relationship scene to come to terms with myself. I have spent most of my adult life being 'someone's girlfriend', and now I am happy being single. Penelope Cruz

It makes me happy to work. And it makes me a better mother to be a happy person. Cheryl Hines

I was obsessed with being popular in high school and never achieved it. There's photos from our high school musicals, and I'm comically in the deep background, wearing a beggar's costume. Mindy Kaling

As supportive as my hometown is, in my high school, there are people who would probably walk up to me and punch me in the face. There's a select few that will never like me. They don't like what I stand for. They don't like somebody who stands for being sober, who stands for anything happy. They're going to be negative no matter what. Taylor Swift

The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom. Arthur Schopenhauer

Happiness always looks small while you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and you learn at once how big and precious it is. Maxim Gorky

Ask yourself whether you are happy, and you cease to be so. John Stuart Mill

Confidence has nothing to do with what you look like. If you obsess over that, you'll end up being disappointed in yourself all the time. Instead, high self-esteem comes from how you feel in any moment. So walk into a room acting like you're in charge, and spend your energy on making the people around you happy. Marian Seldes

Remember that very little is needed to make a happy life. Marcus Aurelius

Being a bird ain't all about flying and shitting from high places. Voltaire

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking. Marcus Aurelius

The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. Mark Twain

There are lots of people I admire and respect, but I don't necessarily want to be like them. I'm to happy being myself. James D'arcy



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