Being Afraid Quotes


Bravery is not being afraid to be afraid. Marie Colvin

We can express ideas without being afraid of being killed or imprisoned. Erich Fromm

The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance... Debbi Fields

Let's stop being afraid ... to seem intolerant Pauline Marois

Whistling to keep myself from being afraid. John Dryden

Happiness is not being afraid. Roy Keane

There's something exciting about being afraid. Elaine Stritch

Needing people yet being afraid of them is wearing me out. Janice Galloway

It's fear of being afraid that frightens me more than anything else. Jerome Cady

Should I tell him I'm not afraid of being hurt? I'm afraid of not being in control. Simone Elkeles

Don't be afraid of being unique. It's like being afraid of your best self. Donald Trump

Shift from being afraid of making a mistake to being afraid of not making a mistake. If you are not making any mistakes, you are not learning or growing Susan Jeffers

Do' be afraid of being unique. It's like being afraid of your best self. Donald Trump

Things that I'm afraid to do are always about being afraid of being exposed. Every time, that's what it's always about. India.Arie

Friendship is being there when someone's feeling low and not being afraid to kick them. R. K. Milholland

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and Start being positive about what could go right. Zig Ziglar

I had gone through life thinking that I was better than everyone else and at the same time, being afraid of everyone. I was afraid to be me. Dennis Wholey

Instead of being afraid of the challenge and failure, be afraid of avoiding the challenge and doing nothing Soichiro Honda

Living fearlessly is not the same as never being afraid. It's good to be afraid occasionally. Fear is a great teacher. Michael Ignatieff

I'm still afraid of things, obviously - we're human. But I like that feeling of being afraid. India.Arie



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