Being Active Quotes


Listening is not merely hearing. Listening is reacting. Listening is being affected by what you hear. Listening is active. Michael Shurtleff

It is our actions and the soul's active exercise of its functions that we posit (as being Happiness); Aristotle

Patience is not passive; on the contrary, it is active; it is concentrated strength. Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

We must clearly understand that when we give the child freedom and independence, we are giving freedom to a worker already braced for action, who cannot live without working and being active. Maria Montessori

Today, for many people, being a union member simply means paying dues, but in the early days there were so few of us that if a majority of the members were not active, the union ceased to exist. Rose Schneiderman

We in US need active intelligence: people being on the streets, people being able to stop and ask questions of individuals that they suspect to put it together. Why wouldn't we be wanting to get some information that could actually prevent a terrorist attack, especially since we have so many individuals fighting that have passports coming back and spreading jihad. Kimberly Guilfoyle

Let woman then go on-not asking favors, but claiming as a right the removal of all hindrances to her elevation in the scale of being-let her receive encouragement for the proper cultivation of all her powers, so that she may enter profitably into the active business of life. Lucretia Mott

Fifty is a big corner to turn. It used to mean being put out to pasture, but it's the opposite with me. I feel more vibrant; I'm more active than I've ever been. The F-word really is freedom. It's the freedom to have dropped the rock-the rock of addiction, of family, of comparisons with other people. It's being fit and focused and kind of furious. Jamie Lee Curtis

Love, like truth and beauty, is concrete. Love is not fundamentally a sweet feeling; not, at heart, a matter of sentiment, attachment, or being "drawn toward." Love is active, effective, a matter of making reciprocal and mutually beneficial relation with one's friends and enemies. Carter Heyward

I love being athletic and doing things that are active, even when I'm traveling. Hill Harper

I like to stay fit by being generally active. Diane Kruger

The most active lives have so much routine as to preclude progress almost equally with the most inactive. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Restfulness is a quality for cattle; the virtues are all active, life is alert. Robert Louis Stevenson

The more we can give in our silent prayer, the more we can give in our active life. Mother Teresa

I'm not going to be happy until every child in every school is physically active. Richard Simmons

I think it's interesting that the opposite of being active in yoga is not being passive. It's being receptive. Cyndi Lee

I'm a big foodie, I do a lot of yoga - I love yoga - I love running... I just enjoy being really active, and traveling. Jane Chen

I always stay active, even if Im on vacation. Erin Heatherton

Being politically active is "more about doing things, not just standing for some platform or being involved in some political party." Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It's so rich as a trope - the whole idea of the road and it being in terms of language, being an active experience. Anne Waldman



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