Being a Vicious Person Quotes


You can't arrest me, I'm a rockstar. Sid Vicious

God sure esteems the growth and completing of one virtuous person, more that the restraint of ten vicious. John Milton

The problem is the people who tend to be the best organized are the most radical and the most vicious. Donald Rumsfeld

Affectation is certain deformity; by forming themselves on fantastic models, the young begin with being ridiculous, and often end in being vicious. Robert Blair

Vicious habits are so great a stain to human nature, and so odious in themselves, that every person actuated by right reason would avoid them, though he were sure they would be always concealed both from God and man, and had no future punishment entailed upon them. Cicero

Donald [Trump] is a charming person. He can be fun. He can make you laugh.But he can turn on you.And get nasty and personal and vicious. Ted Cruz

I'd been in a vicious cycle and circle of people and couldn't see my way out. So I picked myself up one day about 15 years ago and moved where I didn't know anyone. Chaka Khan

It's a vicious cycle. It's like a washing machine with the lid jammed down. -Christina Kratovac (pg 53) Jaclyn Moriarty

It was a vicious cycle, though. The more gratification we found in our own geniuses, the more isolated we grew. Alison Bechdel

The wretcheder one is, the more one smokes; and the more one smokes, the wretcheder one gets-a vicious circle. George du Maurier

I think the big problem is you have a vicious cycle of wealth and power in America that`s just gotten completely out of control and you`ve seen it in politics. Robert Reich

It's a vicious cycle. While systems become denser, their energy efficiency has decreased. Devices are getting smaller and smaller, but they are getting hotter. Bob Gill

When I began, the guitar was en-closed in a vicious circle. There were no composers writing for the guitar, be-cause there were no virtuoso guitarists. Andres Segovia

It is very easy to shun someone who is deliberately cruel, and everyone loathes a man who is brutal and vicious. Such people have a hard time winning followers. But an individual who is gracious, who is attractive, who smiles and flatters and praises - that is a person who can lead whole nations to disaster. Who would not want to follow such a man or woman? Everyone is drawn to beauty and wit. Sharon Shinn

In Catholicism, you learn to worship a superior god that creates, who organizes and creates. And when you do novels, you have this illusion that you are following the model of the creator, that you are playing the creator who has to organize that. It is a vice and a sin, and I like to sin. I'm a vicious person. Carmen Boullosa

As for me, I would rather be a worm in a wild apple than a son of man. But we are what we are, and we might remember not to hate any person, for all are vicious; And not to be astonished at any evil, all are deserved; And not to fear death; it is the only way to be cleansed. Robinson Jeffers

All married couples should learn the art of battle as they should learn the art of making love. Good battle is objective and honest - never vicious or cruel. Good battle is healthy and constructive, and brings to a marriage the principles of equal partnership. Ann Landers

I hate all men, the ones because they are mean and vicious, and the others for being complaisant with the vicious ones. Moliere

Your digestive system is your body's Fun House, whereby food goes on a long, dark, scary ride, taking all kinds of unexpected twists and turns, being attacked by vicious secretions along the way, and not knowing until the last minute whether it will be turned into a useful body part or ejected into the Dark Hole by Mister Sphincter. Dave Barry

Who called thee vicious was a lying elf; thou art not vicious, for thou art vice itself. Marcus Valerius Martial



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