Being A Part Quotes


Being sexy is just one part of being a woman and an actress. But if the part calls for sexy... Mariska Hargitay

Part of being a filmmaker is also being a craftsman. Andy Wachowski

I like being a part of something. I like participating and being part of a group. Andie Macdowell

I feel myself part of something. Not only being part of a community but part of an actual moment and a movement of Irish writing and art. That sense of being part of the whole thing is the deepest joy. Seamus Heaney

I love being part of huge mega blockbusters, and I love being a part of small independent films and small stage. Natalie Dormer

Part of being sane, is being a little bit crazy. Janet Long

Part of being human is having a sense of humor. Patrick Wolf

You spend a much larger part of your life being old, not young. Douglas Coupland

Standing as a witness in all things means being kind in all things, being the first to say hello, being the first to smile, being the first to make the stranger feel a part of things, being helpful, thinking of others' feelings, being inclusive. Margaret D Nadauld

Sexuality is part of being a woman, it's part of what empowers us when we're smart enough to know how to use it. Halle Berry

Marriage is a mystery and part of it is just being kind to each other, not being selfish. Aisha Tyler

I think as a writer, it's important to show the other part of being gay, not only the sex part. Luis Negron

My whole thing is just being a part of good music. Pitbull

Being a rock 'n' roll star ain't a part-time gig. Steven Van Zandt

Sexuality is not a leisure or part-time activity. It is a way of being. Alexander Lowen

Being pro-life is an essential part of being a writer. Nat Hentoff

Being a part of 'Sex and the City' was like being at the center of the universe - it was extraordinary. James Remar

All these years I'd thought being a spy was challenging. Turns out, being a girl is the tricky part. Ally Carter

When you change from being a part of the problem to being a part of the solution, allow somebody that. Karla Faye Tucker

As an actor, that's the most that you can hope for - not only being part of a story, but being part of a story that matters. Melissa Ponzio



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