Being a Creative Writer Quotes


There is no way of being a creative writer in America without being a loser. Nelson Algren

I'm a writer, so I interview people all the time, and I think of it as being a very creative process. Giving interviews is actually one of the most creative parts of the film promotion process. Aaron Rose

Becoming a writer means being creative enough to find the time and the place in your life for writing. Heather Sellers

Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life. Lawrence Kasdan

The creative writer uses his life as well as being its victim; he can control, in his work, the self-presentation that in actuality is at the mercy of a thousand accidents. John Updike

Being a screenwriter is not enough for a full creative life. William Goldman

Even as a footballer, I was always being creative. Eric Cantona

Being successful as a creative person is a crapshoot, but it's essential if you feel drawn to being creative that you express it. Kelly Carlin-McCall

A good creative-writing teacher can save a good writer a lot of time. Richard Hugo

When I went to college I took a creative writing class and decided in a week to be a writer. David Guterson

You know, I look to myself mainly as a creative writer all my life and a medical doctor. Nawal El Saadawi

The creative writer does the same as the child at play; he creates a world of fantasy which he takes very seriously. Sigmund Freud

I think, as the writer, you're always going to mourn something [left out of a film]. But you also just want to know there's a good reason for it being left out. On the whole, you want to give something to somebody creative. The worst thing you can do is say, "Here, be creative, but do it like I want you to do it." I was always very mindful of that. Markus Zusak

I wanted to be a writer first, and I struck out in the world to be a writer first, and then found stand-up as a more creative outlet, as a 3D way to be creative. B J Novak

The ability to play is essential to being a creative artist. Dewitt Jones

I really loved what I was doing being creative and being funny as a stand-up comedian. Chris Tucker

What is absolutely true is that any good [Television] series has a specific voice. And I think that voice is almost exclusively the domain of the executive producer. . . . As a staff writer you're not being called upon to be the great creative person. You're sort of called upon to understand the characters and their voices and put them through certain paces. Howard Gordon

There's this sense of being strange, which is at the heart of every creative person. Every writer, every actor, every director knows who Ripley is. We've made careers and lives out of pretending, making things up, inhabiting other people's stories and lives. That's what I do every day. . . . The story is so audacious and subversive: a central character who behaves badly and isn't apparently caught. That intrigued me no end. Anthony Minghella

I'm really thriving and enjoying being a part of a really vibrant creative team and doing creative work. Anita Sarkeesian

A strong experience in the present awakens in the creative writer a memory of an earlier experience (usually belonging to his childhood) from which there now proceeds a wish which finds its fulfilment in the creative work. Sigmund Freud



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