Behavioral Change Quotes


There are a variety of techniques to help people change the kind of thinking that leads them to become depressed. These techniques are called cognitive behavioral therapy. Irving Kirsch

Don't ask why the patient is the way he is, ask for what he would change. Milton H. Erickson

I can't just say one time of the year I'm going to do something different. I have to commit to a lifestyle behavioral change and just try to be a little bit better today than I was yesterday. Gabrielle Union

Its very difficult in our society. You cannot impose certain behavioral changes. Education can do it at the right time, probably by high school. After that it is too late. Luc Montagnier

The same dynamics that promote performance also support learning and behavioral change. John Katzenbach

Willpower is a myth. The problem with trying to use willpower to achieve and sustain a behavioral change is that it is fueled by emotion. And as we all know, our emotions are, at best, fickle. They come and go. When your emotions start running down - and they will - even your best-laid plans will fall flat. Phil Mcgraw

Behavioral change is more important than individual product choices. They both have a role to play. John Elkington

The plastic bottle we're throwing away every day still stays there. And if we show that to people, then we can also promote some behavioral change. Carlo Ratti

When you try to bring about behavioral change by an effort of will, you actually do violence to yourself, and the chances are very good that you will not succeed. This is so universally true that you can actually make money from it. Srikumar Rao

My methods produce lasting behavioral change without unpleasant consequences, because the change does not come from an effort of will. It comes from examining your deep-rooted beliefs of who you are and how the world functions. As you examine these beliefs and make changes in them, you literally become a different person. Srikumar Rao

You should prepare to follow the program for 90 days. Why? Because behavioral research indicates that it takes 90 days to prepare for change, build a new behavior, become confident in the face of high-risk triggers, and move past the likelihood of relapse. Brain research also suggests that it takes a few months of practicing a new behavior to create permanent change. John C. Norcross

I started to read as obsessively about Star Wars as I once did about Kant - and still do about behavioral economics and behavioral psychology. Cass Sunstein

I have full faith in people. I think that we have the ability to change. We're habitual creatures. Once we figure out that bad habit and identify it, whether it's behavioral or whatever it may be, we change our habits. Obviously, I'm simplifying it and making it sound very easy to do, and we all know it's very difficult, but it's doable. Eva Mendes

The stories leaders and others tell, few of which are true, are a lousy foundation on which to base any sort of science, and we know how to accomplish behavioral change and the importance of priming, informational saliency, and social networks. Producing inspiration and other good feelings doesn't last very long. Jeffrey Pfeffer

Everybody has their reasons. Pierre-Auguste Renoir

The concept of loss aversion is certainly the most significant contribution of psychology to behavioral economics. Daniel Kahneman

Buddhists were actually the first cognitive-behavioral therapists. Jack Kornfield

The key to change... is to let go of fear. Rosanne Cash

Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts. Arnold Bennett

Faith in the gospel restructures our motivations, our self-understanding, our identity, and our view of the world. Behavioral compliance to rules without heart-change will be superficial and fleeting... We can only change permanently as we take the gospel more deeply into our understanding and into our hearts. We must feed on the gospel, as it were, digesting it and making it part of ourselves. That is how we grow. Timothy Keller



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