Beginner Workout Quotes


Success isn't always about 'greatness'. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work gains success. Greatness will come. Dwayne Johnson

Don't be fooled. I kept all my workout clothes in that top hat. Abraham Lincoln

I want kids to enjoy skating and I think it's a great workout. Oksana Baiul

Running through airports with pounds of luggage - that's a good workout. Rachel Mcadams

I shake my booty all the time! It's the best workout! Ashlee Simpson

When you hit failure your workout has just begun. Ronnie Coleman

Yoga is an inner experience#31; - a workIN within a workOUT. A. G. Mohan

Music can really affect the intensity of a workout. I love having it during cardio especially. Jamie Eason

My workout is my meditation. Kyle Maclachlan

I start nearly every day with a workout. Jesse Metcalfe

I take vitamins. I workout every day. Alyssa Milano

Writing is a workout, just like going for a run! Meg Cabot

I enjoy yoga a lot, not even for the workout. Jessica Szohr

Always be a beginner at something. Bill Buxton

The merit belongs to the beginner should his successor do even better. Proverbs

Most champions are built by punch the clock workouts rather than extraordinary efforts. Dan John

Health is worth more than learning. Thomas Jefferson

Never underestimate the power that one good workout can have on your mind. Keeping the dream alive is half the battle. Kara Goucher

If you eliminate the junk food, you don't really run the risk of gaining weight if you've got a good workout routine. Joe Bastianich

It didn't feel difficult at the time because I was so charged up about both books. Afterward, however, I was pretty tired. In a good way, like after a great workout. Jonathan Kellerman



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