Bedroom Decorating Ideas


A 'school-at-home' approach to homeschooling is just decorating the electric chair in different colors. Joseph Chilton Pearce

I love a long bath. I love anything creative. I love decorating. I even love just flipping through magazines and vegging out for a while. But I'm also one of those people who loves to work, so I'll sing, dance, work on my next performance, or write whomever it may be about a new idea. Jennifer Lopez

Sleeping with your phone in your bedroom is never a good idea, but it's even worse when you're bullied online because it's too tempting to stay up all night trying to 'fix' the situation - which isn't possible anyway. Rosalind Wiseman

There was all this enthusiasm about amateurism and the idea that people could now just make videos in their bedroom, or blog news stories and share it online, and isn't this great? Now we can do it just for the love of it and not try to be professionals, corrupted by careerism. Astra Taylor

I had a new idea in my head... this time it's just simply my bedroom, only here colour is to do everything, and, giving by its simplification a grander style to things, is to be suggestive here of rest or of sleep in general. In a word, to look at the picture ought to rest the brain or rather the imagination. Vincent Van Gogh

Interior decorating is a rock-hard science compared to psychology practiced by amateurs. Antonin Scalia

I like interior decorating. I really like to build houses. And landscaping, I like that. Ester Dean

Decorating is not a look, it's a point of view. Albert Hadley

I also love real estate and decorating. Deana Carter

I bought a house, and I've been decorating it Charlie Hunnam

She wanted out of the decorating scheme. Jeffrey Eugenides

Decorating has always been my hobby. Lee Radziwill

It's not that we need new ideas, but we need to stop having old ideas. Edwin Land

The trouble with innovation is that truly innovative ideas often look like bad ideas at the time. Ben Horowitz

TV taste is an aftertaste. Whatever gets on the tube is always a foregone conclusion, a fait accompli. That is, any new ideas or social changes have already been fought for in the real world of the streets, or in the bedroom or even the law courts long before they reach the screen. By the time you see it on prime time, it's usually all over and done with, whatever it was. Television by definition is not avant garde. It is often reactionary and always sentimental. Jennifer Stone

Is this your bedroom?" she asked, and turned to look at him. Myrnin straightened and jammed the big red floppy hat back on his head. The feathers waved back and forth. "Don't get any ideas," he said. "I'm far too young and innocent for that kind of thinking. Rachel Caine

Spirituality can release blocks, lead you to ideas, and make your life artful. Sometimes when we pray for guidance, we're guided in unexpected directions. We may want a lofty answer and we get the intuition to clean our bedroom. It can seem so humble and picky and that you don't necessarily think of it spiritual guidance. Julia Cameron

There's no field of music which doesn't have good ideas. Robert Wyatt

Everything worthwhile is a good idea, but did you ever notice there is more bad ideas that will work than there is good ones? Will Rogers

The answer to the question "where do good ideas come from" is always the same, the come from bad ideas. If you come up with 20 bad ideas you get one good one. Seth Godin



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