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Americanization means the process of becoming an American. It means civic incorporation, becoming a part of the polity - becoming one of us. But that does not mean conformity. We are more than a melting pot, we are a kaleidoscope, where every turn of history refracts new light on the old promise. Barbara Jordan

Everything is perpetually becoming new. Alan Watts

In this new world economy, national boundaries are increasingly becoming obsolete. Ronald Reagan

As [the New York Times] winds down its years and is becoming more and more problematic, it's gotten more and more vicious, more and more vile. Donald Trump

I'm quietly becoming New York's premiere actor. People don't understand. They have me pigeon-holed as a comedian. Colin Quinn

The advance of science is not comparable to the changes of a city, where old edifices are pitilessly torn down to give place to new, but to the continuous evolution of zoologic types which develop ceaselessly and end by becoming unrecognisable to the common sight, but where an expert eye finds always traces of the prior work of the centuries past. One must not think then that the old-fashioned theories have been sterile and vain. Henri Poincare

Knowledge of the truth I may perhaps have attained to; happiness certainly not. What shall I do? Accomplish something in the world, men tell me. Shall I then publish my grief to the world, contribute one more proof for the wretchedness and misery of existence, perhaps discover a new flaw in human life, hitherto unnoticed? I might then reap the rare reward of becoming famous, like the man who discovered the spots on Jupiter. I prefer, however, to keep silent. Soren Kierkegaard

Becoming a parent erased many of my negative childhood feelings and filled them in with something new. Mariska Hargitay

Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad. Anne Geddes

It's unbecoming," she agreed. "A perfect word for my new life. Unbecoming. I who have always been unbecoming am becoming un. Gregory Maguire

Instead of becoming an engineer like my brother, I moved to New York to be an actor. Anthony Mackie

I am no longer afraid of becoming lost, because the journey back always reveals something new, and that is ultimately good for the artist. Billy Joel

It seems that our brave new world is becoming less tolerant, spiritual and educated than it ever was when I was young. Lemmy Kilmister

Ever since going up to university, I have accumulated new debt, and new means of becoming indebted. Michael Gove

The art of painting is entering a new golden age. It is in no danger of becoming obsolete. Joseph Plaskett

I had a deliberate plan to get into movies by becoming a model, so I went to New York and got a job pretending to be a mannequin in store windows. Geena Davis

Right now you are one choice away from a new beginning - one that leads you toward becoming the fullest human being you can be. Oprah Winfrey

The immense value of becoming acquainted with a foreign language is that we are thereby led into a new world of tradition and thought and feeling. Havelock Ellis

My main focus is on becoming a new mom and giving the best of myself to my husband and growing baby. Stacy Keibler

It sounds creepy, but I always liked the idea of disappearing then becoming something new. That of course was before I disappeared. Elizabeth Hand



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