Beautiful Sound Quotes


Nothing is more beautiful than the sound of the guitar. Frederic Chopin

I saw The Sound of Music when I was 10 and thought that it was the most beautiful singing I had ever heard. Lesley Garrett

It may sound cliche, but when you feel beautiful and strong on the inside, it shows on the outside. Angelina Jolie

What you call love does not sound very beautiful. Lauren Kate

I am dying: it's a beautiful word. Like the long slow sigh of the cello: dying. But the sound of it is the only beautiful thing about it. Sonya Hartnett

But there is a nature which dwells inside also. Just enjoy that also. There are beautiful hills, beautiful sceneries, and beautiful things created for you by God, but there is a scenery, beautiful mountains, beautiful air, beautiful sound, beautiful light inside also created for you. Prem Rawat

It sounds really corny but I think that if you're beautiful inside it shows on the outside, for sure. Kate Moss

I think a child calling for his mother is the most beautiful sound in the world. Edward Kennedy

Each person in the world is different and has their own beautiful sound in the symphony of life. Joseph B Wirthlin

Few things sound so beautiful as the poetic accent of a Welsh woman. Steve Fowler

An instant family classic that is utterly unique but reminiscent of films like 'E.T.,' 'Sound of Music' and 'Life Is Beautiful.' Mark Burnett

Because when the world quiets to the sound of your own breathing, we all want the same things: comfort, love, and a peaceful heart. Mitch Albom

I think music isn't just a genre or sound. If it sounds good and makes you feel good it's a beautiful thing. DJ Khaled

I find the relationship of sensation and physicality, and, for me, it's music like anything else. It's a different way of expressing and exploring sound. I find it really beautiful. Zeena Parkins

Of all the sounds that touch my soul these days, the most beautiful one of all is silence. Guy De la Valdene

The moment when one thing turns into another is the most beautiful moment. A combination of sounds turns into music. And that applies to everything. Vik Muniz

Beware of any belief that makes you self-indulgent; it came from the pit, no matter how beautiful it sounds. Oswald Chambers

For me, a hearty "belly laugh" is one of the beautiful sounds in the world. Bennett Cerf

A place like Sound City, which was just a big, beautiful room where you would hit record and capture the sound of the performer - a place like that isn't necessarily in demand anymore. Dave Grohl

Give the instruments a chance - their sounds are quite beautiful. John Marin



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