Be Here Now Quotes


Remember, Be Here Now. Ram Dass

Be here now. It keeps us in a place of love, not fear. Alysia Reiner

A mind that wants to wander around a corner is an un-wise mind. Now, is, be here now. George Harrison

Create and preserve the image of your choice, George Harrison

It is nearly impossible to be here now when you think there is somewhere else to be. Guru Gobind Singh

I probably wouldn't even be here now if it weren't for chiropractic Merle Haggard

Miniskirts have become quite a fad. They're even some guys wearing them. Don't laugh, if you had thought to of that, you'd not be here now. Bob Hope

Be Here Now is all about being present and not fearing what you don't know. Andy Whitfield

Be. Here. NOW. Don't forget to breathe. When all else fails, grab a clown nose. Tom Bergeron

Don't think about the past. Just be here now. Ram Dass

You just never know with contract situations and the whole business side of it. I'm here now and I'm happy to be here now. The future will take care of itself. Darrelle Revis

Allow ourselves to do as Ram Dass said in his delicious phrase "Be Here Now." If you are here now you cannot fall into falsely constructed gender projections. Seamus Heaney

I'm here right now and I want now to be the greatest time. Patti Smith

To be here and now, you have to be in meditation, beyond mind. Rajneesh

You can choose to be peaceful right here and now ... it has nothing to do with what other people do or think. Gerald Jampolsky

To be in touch with yourself requires great sensitivity to everything that's going on here and now. Deepak Chopra

If you are not happy here and now, you never will be. Taisen Deshimaru

I have to be happy in the here and now because every time you start focusing on your legacy you're really setting yourself up for disappointment. Michael Bolton

Do not love leisure. Waste not a minute. Be bold. Realize the Truth, here and now! Sivananda

All the Cosmic Drama, as it is written in the four Gospels, should be lived inside ourselves, here and now. The isn't something merely historic, it's something to live, here and now! Samael Aun Weor



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