Be Good Quotes


Good education has got to be good entertainment. Nicholas Negroponte

I am good. I live good. I think good. I don't have to feel good to be good, I take my goodness wherever I go. Peter Tosh

Do good, be good and see good. Do everything with love. Sathya Sai Baba

Think good, speak good, and be good. Inbar Lavi

Good music is good music, but it has to be good. Vikram Seth

To the good I would be good; to the not-good I would also be good, in order to make them good. Laozi

Let us prove to the world that good taste, good art, and good writing can be good selling. William Bernbach

Beyonce is good-looking. Jennifer Lopez is good-looking. Madonna used to be good-looking. Simon Cowell

Be not merely good. Be good for something. Henry David Thoreau

If you can't be good, be good at it! David Adam

If you want to be good, all you've got to do is be good. George Saunders

We have a good opportunity to be good parents right now. Joe Nichols

So many people say, "I'm a good person!" Like, why are you a good person? To be a good person you have to actively be good. Miley Cyrus

Be good & you will be lonesome. Be lonesome & you will be free. Jimmy Buffett

Do' be sorry. Be good. Be right. Be a hero. C.E. Murphy

Be bold, be humble, be brave, be resilient, be productive, be good, good to yourselves and good to each other. Be careful; be caring. Katie Couric

There are no rules about investment. Sharks can be good. Artist's dung can be good. Oil on canvas can be good. Charles Saatchi

Somethings were meant to be and somethings were just meant to be good stories Alethea Kontis

To be good and to do good-that is the whole of religion. Swami Vivekananda

Be good. Do something good. David Nicholls



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