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Libya, more than anyone else's war, was Hillary Clinton's war. Barak Obama initially opposed it. Who was the person championing it? Hillary Clinton. Julian Assange

A federal appellate circuit looked at what [Barak] Obama was doing and said he can't do it. Immigration law is settled. Rush Limbaugh

Barak Obama got involved, I don't know if Brexit was through a friendship with David Cameron. Donald Trump

I understand friendship and I can understand why Barak Obama did it, but I think Brexit is something that he shouldn't have done. Donald Trump

[Barak] Obama's immigration behavior, executive amnesty, this DREAMer stuff - everything he's doing - is outside the law. Rush Limbaugh

Somehow [Barak] Obama's is much more disgusting than others, because he is smart and we all "know that he knows". He is thoroughly dishonest and it is clear. Andre Vltchek

He [Barak Obama]'s a guy from Chicago. He doesn't know what the hell to do. He's got a big pipe with a hole in it. Bill O'Reilly

[Ronald Reagan] appealed to that group of [working American] people and we can do it again, because they've had, now, eight years of [Barak] Obama. Things have not gone well. Jeff Sessions

[Barak Obama] just said children who are Americans or legal residents, they will remain low priorities for enforcement - meaning deportation - as long as they've not. Rush Limbaugh

Donald Trump is horrendous, but he is also honest. Both Presidents [Bill] Clinton and [Barak] Obama were great speakers, but unrepentant mass murderers. Andre Vltchek

I like [Barak] Obama. I like him. So how far does rationality help to persuade anybody? You know, I'm not so sure. George Saunders

We already have immigration law, and it is being violated. Obama's executive amnesty is not the settled law. [Barak ] Obama's executive amnesty is outside the law, and that's why it's been stayed. Rush Limbaugh

But I should tell you honestly that this administration under President Obama is doing in regard to our security more than anything that I can remember in the past. Ehud Barak

This is what everybody's forgetting about [Barak] Obama and his immigration law and his executive action and his amnesty on it, the Supreme Court decision. Immigration law is settled. Rush Limbaugh

I'm specifically talking about Bill Nelson which merely said to [Barak] Obama stop what you're doing because it's against the law. He's out there saying that today we're gonna start separating families from their children and start sending people home, and it's not happening. Rush Limbaugh

I was surprised that President [Barak] Obama would be so bold to come here [UK] and tell people what to do.I think a lot of people don't like him and I think if he had not said it I think you're result might have been different. Donald Trump

Donald Verrilli has argued 37 cases in five years on behalf of the [Barak] Obama administration. Many of them turned out to be truly landmark cases. He is the seventh-longest-serving solicitor general in American history. Dahlia Lithwick

It's the spring of 2012, that the [Barak] Obama administration would be embracing the argument that the Affordable Care Act was a tax, and that was going to, itself, be a political albatross. Donald Verrilli Jr.

I imagine, like all his predecessors, Barak Obama would like to achieve greatness in bringing peace in the Middle East. I hope it will not be at the expense of Israel. Elie Wiesel

Barak Obama initially opposed [war in Libia]. Julian Assange



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