Bad Values Quotes


Book values have some good and some bad features. Walter Schloss

We do not know what really good or bad fortune is. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The real genres: good and bad. Franz Grillparzer

The survival value of intelligence is that it allows us to extinct a bad idea, before the idea extincts us. Karl Popper

Don't sell on bad news. Walter Schloss

The infectious values and myths transmitted by bad sportswriters may be the deadliest words in the paper. Robert Lipsyte

I think a power to do something is of value. Whether the result is a good thing or a bad thing depends on how it is used, but the power is a value. Richard P Feynman

Whenever we depart from voluntary cooperation and try to do good by using force, the bad moral value of force triumphs over good intentions. Milton Friedman

All values are important, everyone who has ever touched my life in some way was a mentor for good or bad. Life is a blend, and a person is a blend of all the influences that have touched their lives. Colin Powell

Organized religion is a very bad way of passing on spiritual values because it becomes so corrupted with political and repressive agendas which don't help anybody to develop their spirituality. Jeanette Winterson

What matters is not publication or success (success is bad for your prose) but the practice of the imaginative act. Our damaged values depend on it. Janet Burroway

The best thing about a horrible city is that it makes you to understand the beauty of the pastoral life! The bad crystallizes the value of the good. Mehmet Murat Ildan

Don't be afraid to go against the current, when they want to steal our hope, when they propose rotten values to us, values like food that has gone bad-and when food has gone bad it makes us sick, these values make us sick. We have to go against the current! And you, young people, be the first: Go against the grain and be proud of going against the grain. Go on, be brave and go against the current! And be proud of doing it! Pope Francis

Actors, it's very hard for them to make value judgments when they play characters. It's very dangerous if you start thinking of yourself as a bad guy. Stacy Keach

Sometimes we forge our own principles and sometimes we accept others' principles, or holistic packages of principles, such as religion and legal systems. While it isn't necessarily a bad thing to use others' principles - it's difficult to come up with your own, and often much wisdom has gone into those already created - adopting pre-packaged principles without much thought exposes you to the risk of inconsistency with your true values. Ray Dalio

The products of modern science are not in themselves good or bad; it is the way they are used that determines their value. Marshall Mcluhan

[On the Barbie doll:] Her values, while somewhat Yuppified, are not so bad. Look at GI Joe. His only wardrobe is fatigues, he spends all his time trying to kill people, or getting his own innards splashed across the landscape. His big hobby is death. Caryl Rivers

We can't live true to our set of values unless American educational system is strong. I really believe that if we don't get that right we will not compete because we won't believe that our people can compete, and we'll turn inward. We won't lead. That will be bad for the world. Condoleezza Rice

If you go against someone, you say, you can't vote for these Democrats, they don't have good values, they're not good people, they're weak, they're spineless, they're don't love America, they're giving aid and comfort to Saddam Hussein, that's the kind of thing I think is bad for America, because it stops the voters from thinking. And any time you stop thinking in a free society you get in trouble. William J Clinton

I learned about the strength you can get from a close family life. I learned to keep going, even in bad times. I learned not to despair, even when my world was falling apart. I learned that there are no free lunches. And I learned the value of hard work. Lee Iacocca



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