Bad Use of Power Quotes


To create the power of competence without creating a corresponding direction to guide the use of that power is bad education. John Dickey

Leadership is the intelligent use of power. Winston Churchill

Unionism, seldom if ever, uses such powers as it has to ensure better work; almost always it devotes a large part of that power to safeguard bad work. H L Mencken

So the intelligent use of power is to never interfere with anyone else's success. Use the power you get to just be more successful yourself. Frederick Lenz

Use wisely your power of choice. Og Mandino

Power has destroyed many people - not really. Power doesn't destroy anyone. People apply it poorly and it can ruin their lives. Power is like fire. Fire is neither good nor bad. It's how you use it. Frederick Lenz

The bad guys are just a bunch of silly, stupid white men. And there's a helluva lot more of us than there are of them. Use your power. Michael Moore

I understand the importance of political power, so I will use my strength and influence to convince as many people as I can within the party and outside the party that a Palestinian state is bad news for Israel. Danny Danon

I would define the proper use of power as something that creates happiness for yourself and others. Frederick Lenz

There is but one just use of power and it is to serve people. George W Bush

The ultimate use of power is to empower others. William Glasser

Nothing discloses character like the use of power. Robert Green Ingersoll

A power that can't be used for good? Like a bad girl power? I wouldn't mind being clairvoyant, but I wouldn't want it if I couldn't use it for good. Peace and love, man. Peace and love. Alicia Sixtos

Americans are uneasy with their possessions, guilty about power, all of which is difficult for Europeans to perceive because they are themselves so truly materialistic, so versed in the uses of power. Joan Didion

Knowledge is power, and for each level of knowledge, you are held responsible for how you use it. Gary Zukav

It's considered very, very bad karma, if I can cut to the chase, to take power from a teacher and not use it for something very positive. Frederick Lenz

I use the word power broadly. Even more important than military and economic power is the power of ideas, the power of compassion, and the power of hope. Condoleezza Rice

Camera-phones are like nuclear power plants: bad people will turn them into evil, good people will put them to good use. Philippe Kahn

Even when bad things happen you have to try to use those bad things in a positive manner and really just take the positive out of it. Natalie Du Toit

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority. Lord Acton



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