Bad Government Quotes


Bad government is the natural product of rule by those who believe government is bad. Thomas Frank

It is bad governments, not bad people, who cause revolutions. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Life under a good government is rarely dramatic; life under a bad government is always so. Oscar Wilde

It is the aim of good government to stimulate production, of bad government to encourage consumption. Jean-Baptiste Say

The most dangerous moment for a bad government is when it begins to reform. Alexis De Tocqueville

I think of Texas as the laboratory for bad government. Molly Ivins

Insurrection. An unsuccessful revolution; disaffection's failure to substitute misrule for bad government. Ambrose Bierce

I cannot watch the city of Chicago be destroyed by petty politics and bad government. Harold Washington

History, in general, only informs us of what bad government is. Thomas Jefferson

A feeble execution is but another phrase for a bad execution; and a government ill executed, whatever may be its theory, must, in practice, be a bad government. Joseph Story

Government workers often get a bad rap, but it's rare for them to receive much appreciation when government works. Matthew Lesko

The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem. Milton Friedman

The truth is in California you can't build a new manufacturing facility, and businesses are leaving in droves because of bad government policy. Carly Fiorina

In rivers and bad governments the lightest things swim at top. Benjamin Franklin

I say thank God for government waste. If government is doing bad things, it's only the waste that prevents the harm from being greater. Milton Friedman

Government, in the last analysis, is organized opinion. Where there is little or no public opinion, there is likely to be bad government. William Lyon Mackenzie King

A government which is not liked by the artists is certainly a bad government, because artist sees very well what is behind the masks! Mehmet Murat Ildan

A pure democracy is generally a very bad government, It is often the most tyrannical government on earth; for a multitude is often rash, and will not hear reason. Noah Webster

People are so docile right now. It is almost as if good government means when the politicians lie to us for our own good, for the public good, and bad government is when politicians lie for their own selfish interests. James Bovard

A feeble executive implies a feeble execution of the government. A feeble execution is but another phrase for a bad execution; and a government ill executed, whatever may be its theory, must be, in practice, a bad government. Alexander Hamilton



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