Bad Blood Quotes


It was better that a little blood should be shed that much blood should be saved. The blood that was shed was bad blood; the blood that was saved was good blood. Porfirio Diaz

The bad blood rose in me, just like wine. Sarah Waters

Comedy is in my blood. Too bad it's not in my act. Rodney Dangerfield

In the killing of animals there is cruelty, rage, and the accustoming of oneself to the bad habit of shedding innocent blood. Joseph Albo

Resentment and anger are bad for your blood pressure and your digestion. Desmond Tutu

Really now, search your soul, lovie-is the vampire so bad? All he does is drink blood. Richard Matheson

And sometimes you lie to me and sometimes I lie to you And there isnt a thing you could possibly do All these half-destroyed lives Arent as bad as they seem but now i see blood and I hear screams then I wake up and its just a bad dream... Michael Grant

Yeah, reflections! The same, but different. Like twins - like blood brothers! And when you need something bad done, like punishment or revenge, you'll just ask me, and I will do it - Sonya Hartnett

Don't use the language of 'good' or 'bad' when talking about blood sugar numbers - these are data points, not judgments of your ability to manage your diabetes. Adam Brown

We overcome the accuser of our brothers and sisters, we overcome our consciences, we overcome our bad tempers, we overcome our defeats, we overcome our lusts, we overcome our fears, we overcome our pettiness on the basis of the blood of the Lamb. D A Carson

At that time the archiepiscopal throne of Alexandria was filled by Theophilus, the perpetual enemy of peace and virtue; a bold, bad man, whose hands were alternately polluted with gold and with blood. Edward Gibbon

Do' use the language of "good" or "bad" when talking about blood sugar numbers - these are data points, not judgments of your ability to manage your diabetes. Adam Brown

Becoming a vegan gave me another opportunity to live a healthy life. I was so congested from all the drugs and bad cocaine, I could hardly breathe, [I had] high blood pressure, [was] almost dying [and had] arthritis. And once I became a vegan all that stuff diminished, Mike Tyson

Band-Aids don't fix bullet holes. You say sorry just for show. You live like that, you live with ghosts. Taylor Swift

The vampire bible, bound in human skin, written in blood, and full of prophecies that were never wrong. Trouble was, if you read the thing too long, it drove you nuts. Not "I'm having a bad day and feel bitchy" nuts or PMS nuts. "I think I'll commit felony assault on my friends and rape my boyfriend" nuts. MaryJanice Davidson

I never sensed really bad blood between Microsoft and Apple. A lot of Macintosh users feel badly about PCs and do have some bad feelings. I call them Macintosh bigots a little. They say, oh, no, only the Macintosh is the good one, and I don't like to be that way. Steve Wozniak

Truth is a point, the subtlest and finest; harder than adamant; never to be broken, worn away, or blunted. Its only bad quality is, that it is sure to hurt those who touch it; and likely to draw blood, perhaps the life blood, of those who press earnestly upon it. Walter Savage Landor

And when those bombs went off, there were runners who, after finishing a marathon, kept running for another two miles to the hospital to donate blood. So, here's what I know - these maniacs may have tried to make life bad for the people of Boston, but all they can ever do, is show just how good those people are. Stephen Colbert

In one way an oil boom is a mighty bad thing, because it gets into your blood and almost becomes an obsession. Booms are filled with excitement, adventure, and drama, but sometimes the exit from the scene must be made between suns on a pair of mighty weary feet. Sue Sanders

The emotions of the ignorant man are continuously kept at a pitch by the most blood-curdling stories about Anarchism. Not a thing too outrageous to be employed against this philosophy and its exponents. Therefore Anarchism represents to the unthinking what the proverbial bad man does to the child,-a black monster bent on swallowing everything; in short, destruction and violence. Emma Goldman



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