Awesome Power of God


I assure you that some of the most awesome things God has ever done for me have come out of the most awful things I'd done to myself. Beth Moore

There is an awesome God of justice who is ready to move in power if you move in obedience, Gary Haugen

Our God is Greater, Our God is Stronger, God, you are Higher than any other, Our God is Healer, Awesome in Power, Our God,Our God. Chris Tomlin

I assure you that some of the most awesome things God has ever done for me have come out of the most awful things I"d done to myself. Beth Moore

I'm starting to get a following on Twitter. That's a really awesome power to have. It gives me the opportunity to make any kind of art I want. Ansel Elgort

Prayer is an act of faith. Just by praying to God, you are declaring our trust in someone other than yourself. Your faith is increased as you pray and watch how God answers your prayers. God says in Jeremiah 33:3, Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know. God is awesome in power and there is never a time when He is not beside you. He is faithful and holy. Charles Stanley

Holy is the Bible word for all that makes God different from us, in particular his awesome power and purity. J I Packer

Revival is God revealing Himself to men in awesome holiness and irresistible power. Arthur Wallis

God does awesome things with us. Mother Angelica

There is no power in your name or my name, but there is awesome power in the name of Jesus because of everything he represents. Joyce Meyer

Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives. Anthony Robbins

Every Word of God is Spirit and life. When you receive and obey the Word of God, the power of God works in you. T. B. Joshua

We must go out into a desert of some kind (your backyard will do) and come into a personal experience of the awesome love of God. Brennan Manning

Sooner or later, man has always had to decide whether he worships his own power or the power of God. Arnold J Toynbee

Politics, differences of religion or race, all that fades away when we are confronted with the awesome power of nature, and we're reminded that all we have is each other. Barack Obama

The purpose of God and the power of God is available for every man. G. Campbell Morgan

Faith is a creative force. When we operate by faith, we employ the creative power of God. Phil Pringle

It's always the fear of looking stupid that stops you from being awesome. Kiera Cass

You must flow with the will of God, in the service of God, to obtain the power of God. Benny Hinn

The universe is filled with the evidence of God's greatness. In awesome wonder we can consider the worlds He has made. David Jeremiah



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