Award Winining Quotation


Quotation marks quotato marks! Bah! James Joyce

Avoid overuse of 'quotation "marks."' William Safire

Yields falsehood when preceded by its quotation yields falsehood when preceded by its quotation. Willard Van Orman Quine

In the theater, while you recognized that you were looking at a house, it was a house in quotation marks. On screen, the quotation marks tend to be blotted out by the camera. Arthur Miller

In the museums, everything is in quotation marks. Mason Cooley

Beware the writer who always encloses the word *reality* in quotation marks: He's trying to slip something over on you. Or into you. Edward Abbey

There is no way you can use the word "reality" without quotation marks around it. Joseph Campbell

Authors hide their big thefts by putting small ones between quotation marks. Paul Eldridge

Like italics and hyphens, quotation marks are to be used as sparingly as possible. They should light the way, not darken it. Eric Partridge

An apt quotation is as good as an original remark. Proverbs

A quotation at the right moment is like bread in a famine. Proverbs

Quotation lovers love rare words. Willis Goth Regier

I caution against beginning or ending a quotation with ellipses. Bill Walsh

[Quotation] is a good thing; there is a community of mind in it. Classical quotation is the parole of literary men all over the world. Samuel Johnson

A forward critic often dupes us With sham quotations peri hupsos. And if we have not read Longinus, Will magisterially outshine us. Then, lest with Greek he over-run ye, Procure the book for love or money, Translated from Boileau's translation, And quote quotation on quotation. Jonathan Swift

The art of quotation requires more delicacy in the practice than those conceive who can see nothing more in a quotation than an extract. Isaac D'Israeli

Ralph Keyes calls quotation collectors quotographers, the men and women who gather catchwords, watchwords, war words, winged words, maxims, mottos, sayings, and quips into books of a thousand pages. Through the centuries quotation collectors have saved quotations that would otherwise be lost. Willis Goth Regier

I wonder if an ever occurs before haughty except in a quotation, or whether you can make anything sound like a quotation by adding a word like goeth? Gary Saul Morson

I doubt whether Cromwell or Milton could have rivaled [William Lloyd] Garrison in this field of quotation; and the power of quotation is as dreadful a weapon as any which the human intellect can forge. John Jay Chapman

If I don't win, the award show loses credibility. Kanye West



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