Authoritarian Government Quotes


The hope in the hearts of millions of national socialists can be fulfilled only by an authoritarian government. Franz Von Papen

Why do economists fall in love with authoritarian governments? Yasheng Huang

As a teacher, my strategy is to encourage questioning. I'm the least authoritarian professor you'll ever meet. Niall Ferguson

Free nations of the world cannot allow Taiwan, a beacon of democracy, to be subdued by an authoritarian China. Nick Lampson

The thread of culture that runs through the entire history of punk is also a dedication to challenging the authoritarian. Greg Graffin

Asia's governments come in two broad varieties: young, fragile democracies - and older, fragile authoritarian regimes. Paul Samuelson

History proves that all dictatorships, all authoritarian forms of government are transient. Only democratic systems are not transient. Whatever the shortcomings, mankind has not devised anything superior. Vladimir Putin

In its current form, globalization cannot be sustained. Democratic societies will not support it. Authoritarian leaders will fear to impose it. John J. Sweeney

Disappointment over nationalistic authoritarian regimes may have contributed to the fact that today religion offers a new and subjectively more convincing language for old political orientations. Jurgen Habermas

The strengthening of our statehood is, at times, deliberately interpreted as authoritarianism. Vladimir Putin

When we talk about authoritarianism, we conjure up out-of-date visions from the 1930s. But we are no more likely to do authoritarian government the way they did in the 1930s then we're likely to address or talk or do any of our other business in the way they did it in the 1930s. David Frum

Democracy acknowledges the right to differ as well as the duty to settle differences peacefully. Authoritarian governments see criticism of their actions and doctrines as a challenge to combat. Aung San Suu Kyi

It is often in the name of cultural integrity as well as social stability and national security that democratic reforms based on human rights are resisted by authoritarian governments. Aung San Suu Kyi

Once people sense their own power, no authoritarian government can stand against the people who are determined to be free. Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj

China is building a model for how an authoritarian government can survive the Internet. Rebecca Mackinnon

Even the striving for equality by means of a directed economy can result only in an officially enforced inequality - an authoritarian determination of the status of each individual in the new hierarchical order. Friedrich August von Hayek

Authoritarian political ideologies have a vested interest in promoting fear, a sense of the imminence of takeover by aliens and real diseases are useful material. Susan Sontag

We are at heart so profoundly anarchistic that the only form of state we can imagine living in is Utopian; and so cynical that the only Utopia we can believe in is authoritarian. Lionel Trilling

There is a single theme behind all our work-we must reduce population levels, Thomas Ferguson

The family is the basic cell of government: it is where we are trained to believe that we are human beings or that we are chattel, it is where we are trained to see the sex and race divisions and become callous to injustice even if it is done to ourselves, to accept as biological a full system of authoritarian government. Gloria Steinem



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