Attitude with Friends Quotes


I've never been out with any of the cast of Coronation Street. We're all very close friends so it's very much a professional attitude. Richard Fleeshman

Meditation practice is a way of making friends with ourselves. Whether we are worthy or unworthy, that's not the point. It's developing a friendly attitude to ourselves, accepting the hidden neurosis coming through. Chogyam Trungpa

The classic relationship with grass that early hippies had was that it's better shared with friends. You can't really get high with a bad attitude. Kindness and sweetness exhilarates your stone. Stolen grass doesn't get you as high. The old hippie ethic really counts Stephen Gaskin

Yeah, one of my approaches with my community, my friends, the companies I represent, has been to take the attitude of what I bring instead of what I can get. What can I give? Kelly Clark

My attitude toward friendship has remained the same. I will support and encourage you with all the love in my heart, but if it's not reciprocal, I gotta go [...] If your friends are bitter about your success to the extent that they act out, don't expect them to change [...] Move on. RuPaul

One of my best moves is to surround myself with friends who, instead of asking, 'Why?' are quick to say, 'Why not?' That attitude is contagious. Oprah Winfrey

I don't return anybody's calls unless it's going to mean extra money for me. And I've completely cut off all relationships with any friends that I had before the show. And I've copped an attitude. Mike Judge

We cannot tell what may happen to us in the strange medley of life. But we can decide what happens in us - how we can take it, what we do with it - and that is what really counts in the end. Joseph Fort Newton

Success... it's what you do with what you've got. Leroy van Dyke

Happiness doesn't depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude. Dale Carnegie

You attract the good and desirable with positive mental attitude. You repel them with negative mental attitude. W Clement Stone

I don't know any teenager with a positive attitude. Gabourey Sidibe

Good talent with bad attitude equals bad talent, Bill Walsh

There is a certain percentage of the white population ... if they started having more middle-class black kids who are friends with their kids, eating Cheerios in their kitchen, their attitudes start changing. Barack Obama

A compassionate attitude helps you communicate more easily with your fellow human beings. As a result, you make more genuine friends and the atmosphere around you is more positive, which gives you greater inner strength. This inner strength helps you spontaneously concern yourself with others, instead of thinking only about yourself. Dalai Lama

And I tell you, having girls has made me a much better man. I have friends who are fathers, but they only have boys, and they have the same attitude toward women they always had, you know? And I don't play that... My girls, you mess with them? I will bury you underground. Mark Wahlberg

So long as you've got your friends about you, and a good positive attitude, you don't really have to care what everyone else thinks. Gail Porter

Aptitude starts with attitude. Greg Norman

I love women with attitude. Kevin Hart

Seek out that particular mental attribute which makes you feel most deeply and vitally alive, along with which comes the inner voice which says, 'This is the real me,' and when you have found that attitude, follow it. William James



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