Attitude And Sayings For Haters Quotes


When people don't want the best for you, they are not the best for you. Gayle King

The Internet is for haters. Everyone wants to knock somebody down, but it's cool. Andy Cohen

Take charge of your attitude. Don't let someone else choose it for you. Dale Carnegie

If the wolf is to survive, the wolf haters must be outnumbered. They must be outshouted, out financed, and out voted. Their narrow and biased attitude must be outweighed by an attitude based on an understanding of natural processes. L. David Mech

For success, attitude is equally as important as ability. Walter Scott

Arrakis teaches the attitude of the knife - chopping off what's incomplete and saying: 'Now, it's complete because it's ended here.' - from "Collected Sayings of Maud'Dib' by the Princess Irulan Frank Herbert

Fear of something is at the root of hate for others, and hate within will eventually destroy the hater. George Washington Carver

Remember that only God can judge us; forget the haters, because Somebody loves you. Miley Cyrus

Love your haters - they're your biggest fans Kanye West

Nations have come under the control of haters and fools. Carroll O'Connor

The haters always scream the loudest. Tucker Max

Here's other quotes and sayings you can motivate yourself with. Practice only makes for improvement. Les Brown

Be who you want to be and not care about what others think. Andy Biersack

Learn to use the criticism as fuel and you will never run out of energy. Orrin Woodward

Old Madame du Deffand and her friends talked for fifty years without stopping. And of it all, what remains? Perhaps three witty sayings. So that we are at liberty to suppose either that nothing was said, or that nothing witty was said, or that the fraction of three witty sayings lasted eighteen thousand two hundred and fifty nights, which does not leave a liberal allowance of wit for any one of them. Virginia Woolf

If you're not a tree hugger, then you're a what, a tree hater? Douglas Coupland

Gnomic wisdom, however, is notoriously polychrome, and proverbs depend for their truth entirely on the occasion they are applied to. Almost every wise saying has an opposite one, no less wise, to balance it... George Santayana

Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure. Norman Vincent Peale

The remarkable thing is, we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. Charles R Swindoll

Respect your haters. They're the only ones who think you're better than them. Nicki Minaj



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