Arrow Compass Tattoo


Democracy needs a moral compass. Jill Stein

My moral compass is so broken I can barely find the parking lot. Ben Quayle

The men can have a moral compass that is just unshakeable, they can have ethics that run to the core. Lupe Fiasco

I lost my moral compass and I have done terrible things that I very much regret. Andrew Fastow

What would I do without the moral compass of a teenage werewolf. Ilona Andrews

My kids are at a point in their lives where I'm a moral compass for them. God help them both. Jack Wagner

My moral compass swings far to the left, but when it comes to gratuitous violence, I have trouble. Michael Biehn

Usefulness depends on tractability. Kenneth Arrow

Your heart is not the compass that God steers by. Samuel Rutherford

Conscience is our magnetic compass; reason our chart. Joseph Cook

No, I did a film called 'Death and the Compass' as well. Alex Cox

I have an excellent internal compass. Hugh Bonneville

Time's arrow, we are told, is a one-way thing. . . Memory's arrow, like the needle of a compass too close to a lodestone, spins in all directions. Russell Hoban

Score a touchdown, kiss your tattoo. Kaepernicking! Colin Kaepernick

I want to get a tattoo of the word irony, only misspelled. Anthony Jeselnik

Marriage is supposed to be permanent. It's like a tattoo that yells at you. Dov Davidoff

Getting a tattoo would probably make me cry. Calvin Trillin

We need more moral compasses and less Sat Navs Dean Cavanagh

How do you make a compass? Uhhh hmmm so if I was a compass how would I make myself? Toby Turner

I got to actually tattoo one of the members of The Misfits. The very first tattoo I ever did was this Misfits skull. Kat Von D



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