Arriving Early Quotes


I'm an early bird, partly because I like to have some quiet time and partly because by 9am emails begin arriving, the phone starts ringing and I have dragons to kill of one sort or another. Andrew Motion

I've been having this really weird anxiety dream about arriving too late or too early, and the people in charge are like, 'You have to leave! You have to go back to the hotel and get ready!' And I use the wrong exit, and I'm running down the red carpet in pyjamas, like, 'No! Don't look at me!' Florence Welch

Arriving there is what you are destined for C.P. Cavafy

Mastery is in the reaching, not in the arriving. Sarah Lewis

Striving can be more important than arriving. Marvin J Ashton

I travel, always arriving in the same place. Dejan Stojanovic

Early childhood education begins early, even before birth. Madeleine M Kunin

Why does getting ahead always have to involve getting up early? Elizabeth Jane Howard

The early bird gets the worm, the rest starve. Darren Hardy

Autumn arrives in the early morning. Elizabeth Bowen

Early morning does not mince words. John Galsworthy

He who matures early lives in anticipation. Theodor Adorno

I came to Christ in my early 20s. Karen Kingsbury

Our history is an aggregate of last moments Thomas Pynchon

Come lovely and soothing death, Undulate round the world, serenely arriving, arriving, In the day, in the night, to all, to each, Sooner or later, delicate death. Walt Whitman

Dear, don't think of getting out of bed yet. I've always suspected that early rising in early life makes one nervous. F Scott Fitzgerald

I romanced internally about early death till it was too late to die early ... Harriet Martineau

Go to bed early and wake up early. The morning hours are good. Jeff Bezos

I like to get everything done during the early morning hours and the early part of the day. Sune Rose Wagner

The early bird gets the worm. The early worm... gets eaten. Norman Ralph Augustine



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